kicking back into gear

I’ve posted about my less than stellar workouts and nutrition over the past couple of months, but since moving, settling in and getting back into a proper routine (travel for work, holidays & personal drama aside) I’m getting back into some consistency which feels really good.

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This past week was a good week!



I’ve been making some great tasting green smoothies lately with the addition of fresh coconut water (instead of the bottled kind). Pawpaw/papaya & strawberries are my current fruit preference and you can’t go past heirloom tomatoes, low fat ricotta & fresh basil (courtesy of my balcony basil plant) on toast!


Salads, sandwiches & sushi are my staples for lunch (usually eaten at my desk).


Steak, fish, chicken with veggies and Japanese for takeout. The yummiest sauce for meat is a couple of tablespoons of low-fat sour-cream or 98% fat-free cream,  dijon mustard & sliced mushrooms. Delicious & minimal calories! I’ve been making a lot of braised kale and mushrooms which is yum!


workout expenditure
my harbour run route

Running days: It’s disconcerting how quickly you (I mean me) lose your running form & fitness if you don’t run consistently. For my running days, I’ve been alternating with walking and running to get my fitness back up again. My new running track around Pyrmont Bay is beautiful. Harley is having a great time exploring all the nooks & crannies of the wharf, and although he meets a few dogs, I think he misses the Glebe Harbour track as every second person has a dog! It’s not far so I think I’ll need to take him over on that walk on the weekend.

Strength: My strength training has suffered the most and I’m trying to get back into it. During my weekly personal training session with Joe, he puts me through my paces and I can really feel my strength lacking. I’m going to start regular Pump classes again on Tuesday & Thursdays.


How is your training going? Any hiccups or is it routine? And where do you prefer to train (indoors or outdoors)?