happy saturday

This morning Jay headed up to Newcastle to meet his mates to watch our team The Knights play this afternoon. It’s an important game; if they win we’re in the Top 8 and through to the semi’s for the season!!! Go Knights Go!!!!

Knights fans!
I walked down to meet my friend Mands to wander the Pyrmont Grower’s Markets. We got coffee, chatted with other dog owners (Harley insisted on saying hi by way of sniff lick sniff to every dog we passed) and bought some fresh produce. My morning purchases included some Spring Hill Beef which is amazing Southern Highlands free range, pasture feed beef, some heirloom tomatoes (which I’m going to have for dinner with fresh basil, sourdough bread and bocconcini), some GrannySmith apples which were handpicked by John yesterday (!) and some handmade Irish soda-scones, which I’m having for lunch with jam & cream.

fresh baked soda-scones with raspberry jam, Philly-light-cream & strawberries

When we got home Harley spent about 20 minutes chasing a housefly which is his other favourite game. Utter the phrase “Skitch the fly Harley” and he’s off! Here is the little hyper ‘oodle, for your viewing pleasure…

Happy weekend!

One thought on “happy saturday

  1. I loved, “noooo, you didn’t crawl!” Then I saw your view…I want to move in with you, LOL! Your breakfast looks amazing. Tomorrow morning, after the show today, I am going all out with whipped cream to boot! I’ve been good for the show for soooo long now. I even said no to a cupcake yesterday. Harley is so, so super cute too, and you’ve led me to believe we could have a blog with just dog videos. Happy weekend!

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