i wish i was there

My brother and my dad both live and work in a remote Western Australian town called Kalumburu. I recently wrote about it [here].

My dad and I are repairing our strained relationship (10 years of emotional baggage so I wont overexcite you with that history)…But I was happy to receive some photos on Monday of him and my baby bro from their weekend of fishing.

There really is nothing else to do in their downtime in Kalumburu but fish… I wish my life was that sweet!

Dad on his boat with his Giant Trevally
Juzzy with his Giant Trevally
the old man and the sea…


  1. Mel, I can’t describe what I am feeling when I look at these photos of your dad, so I can only imagine what it means to you. I would pick up the phone at the moment but I ate some bad sushi and I feel like I’m going to ralph. It sounds like a lousy excuse but it’s true and you can call me lousy anyway. I was going to call you soon anyway so that you can wish me happy birthday xxxxx

  2. Wow, I would be excited if the hubby have this for a day’s catch. Yay! i’m so excited ‘coz we’re going fishing this weekend, hoping we get some 😀

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