dinner club | june

For juicy dinner club in June, Jay chose a little cheap eats Mexican Cantina Y Barra in Surry Hills called El Loco which is located in the Excelsior pub.

Jay & I meet Ian & Janine there mid-week after work and fail to get a seat inside, it’s freezing but thankfully there are outdoor heaters over the tables, and after a few issues one of the barmen gets ours working! Hazzah! 

El Loco is the most recent venture from Sydney’s most eligible bachelor & businessman, Justin Hemmes who owns the hottest bars and clubs all over Sydney.

It’s a fun cantina-style space, with Mexican wrestling posters, random colourful artifacts nailed to the walls and a no-booking policy. You just rock up, order at the counter and take your table number. There is a huge range of authentic tequilas, a small but good selection of beers (more in the hotel bar though) and a few specials on the board in addition to the menu.

El Loco on the street
El Loco inside

[above two pics via]

our cactus table numbers
beers & tequila

We all share some chips & salsa

chips, guacamole & salsa

Ian & Janine both have hotdogs. I’m not sure about the authentic-ness of a Mexican hotdog, but it looks deliciously cheesy! And we giggle as we joke about the extra long sausage!

Grilled pork Frankfurt served on a soft bun with pickled jalepenos, pico ge gallo, mayonnaise and cheese $9

Jay & I share a selection of tacos. $5 each and they are small, perfect morsels of soft taco with little layers of the most flavourful ingredients like chargrilled pork, prawn or shredded chicken, coriander, avocado and tomato/corn salsa.

selection of tacos

taco Left – Pollo – chicken, sweet corn salsa
taco middle – Camaron – prawn, salsa verde, pico de gallo
taco right – Al Pastor – spit roasted pork, pineapple salsa

We all chat animatedly as we happily munch away on our Mexican and then headed off for some hot chocolate in Glebe before calling it a night.

Food: great, tasty & fresh. good cheap eats!
Service: order at the counter canteen-style with young & friendly staff
Atmosphere: relaxed but loud. A great place to pop in and meet friends after work. You can even get takeaway.
Value for money: excellent. $25 a person with drinks!

El Loco Cantina | Excelsior Hotel, 64 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

5 thoughts on “dinner club | june

  1. I think I need to go back and try one of the soft tacos. I have never managed to go to that place and eat anything other than the hot dog. Which breaks all my rules really. It’s like going to a seafood restaurant and then ordering steak! Hahaha.

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