this is how we brew it

I hope you’re now singing “this is how we brew it” in the same tune as
Montell Jordan’s ‘This is how we do it‘!


there is little better than a perfect cup of steaming,
freshly barista’d, coffee

skim flat white (no sugar!)
a long black (no sugar, no milk!)
is how I take it

here a few of my faves of late

Morso Cafe bowl of coffee
FFF coffee
Westfield Tower Cafe coffee
Degraves Espresso (Melbourne)
a surprisingly good coffee from the airport
takeaway from Toby’s Estate in Chippendale (my ultimate fave!)
have-in cup from Toby’s Estate in Chippendale
takeaway from Mano Espresso, my local fave
amazing coffee from The Grounds
a large treat from Otto

now I’ll leave you with an image of the cutest coffee spoon on the planet…
while I go get ready to find my Sunday cup


Published by thisismelly

Mel @thisismelly lives a life of adventure, gets lost in farmer’s markets, regularly indulges in movies, loves to whip up gourmet meals in the kitchen, swears that one day she will learn to speak French properly, adores candles and fresh flowers, married her high school sweetheart, visited 19 countries and counting, fears an apocalyptic rage-virus, regularly spoils her cavoodle Harley, loves walking along the harbour, is decorated with ink, muddles her right & left, seasonally switches between blonde and brunette, has soul-mates, favours painted nails & dangly earrings, always orders the 'plateau de fromages', is obsessed with British or Scandinavian crime fiction, detests creepy-crawlies & people who take too long to order coffee, gives terrible directions, makes up crazy dances for her devilishly handsome husband, believes in good, would always be dressed in Saint Laurent, Gucci & Chloe if she could, adores Tex-Mex & Japanese, loves the smell of rain & evening jasmine, may be addicted to Instagram&Pinterest, is always on the hunt for a really good macchiato, is James Taylor’s biggest fan, gets rowdy with tequila, dreams every night, takes pickles, jalapeños & dried fruit for movie snacks, would hate a world without French champagne, adores Pantone 1765, almost always wishes she was lying on the sand in the sun, is an inconsistent Paleo convert and although she is a hopeless Francophile she will forever be smitten with Sydney.

8 thoughts on “this is how we brew it

  1. Yummmmm looks like you have had some wonderful coffee experiences as of late. I, unfortunately, do not seem to stray from Starbucks very often, but there brew is classic and always delicious!

    1. Did you hear that Starbucks franchises in Australia went bust a few years ago? There are a few around, but theyre independently owned (there is 4 in the Sydney CBD though).

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