lace nails | how to guide

I am obsessed with these nails!

I had only seen them in a magazine and after asking my local nail salon if they could do it (they didn’t know what I was talking about), I googled it and discovered a ‘how to’ guide from Shona Wallace from Studs & Lace.

What you’ll need:

  • Base coat (any color you choose)
  • Top coat (clear nail polish)
  • Small-patterned lace (so it fits over your nails, honeycomb pattern is simplest to work with) in any color
  • Small nail scissors

This is the Studs & Lace guide to perfecting the lace nail!

1. Take a stretch of pretty black lace and cut out pieces to fit each nail.

2. Paint your nails a base colour of your choosing- the most simple and stylish is a blush/nude tone, but it can look pretty with a bold colour as well. If you really want to channel a Studs & Lace look, opt for a duck-egg blue base and top with black lace. Models Own ‘Bloo Boo’ is a great pastel blue. Gorgeous!

3. While the nail polish is still wet, carefully apply each individual piece of lace.

4. Wait for the polish to dry and apply a clear top coat over the lace.

For the Studs & Lace full article visit [here].





There is also another really ‘good how’ to guide via Behind The Seams.

I’m going to try to do my nails this weekend! 
But what do you think of the lace nail?

7 thoughts on “lace nails | how to guide

  1. You are right!
    This is a totally cool look that I am going to have to try.
    The blue with the black lace is hot but I also like the lavendar with each nail a little different.
    Must find some pretty lace now.

  2. Sheela did it and it looked amazing! I like it only if the polish is clear or opaque underneath. I think some of the colours like blue and stuff look a bit tacky.

    BUT – I can totally see you rocking this look!

    1. ooooh, she is so clever! did she take pics? I just have to get over my fear of material shops (like Spotlight) and go in there to get some lace! Burkinhead Point Im thinking…

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