hump day

I generally don’t like Wednesdays because I have a lot of project reporting due.

But I woke up feeling full of energy today, weighed in (exactly the same as before I went to Melbourne, so that is OK I guess, as I expected a gain), did a great outdoor work-out with Jay & Harley, decided to wear red lipstick (which is totally out of the ordinary for me – only the second time I’ve ever worn bright lips and the first time I’ve ever worn it to work! Feeling self conscious!), made yummy oats for the whole family (including Harley the dog who loves them) and had a good lunch of 12WBT Thai Pumpkin Soup. 

This arvo will fly past since I’ll be having a meeting with my customer (not naming names but it’s Australia’s Central Bank) in their secure data centre which has retinal and finger print scanning! So cool. I’m such an geek.

Wednesday workout
Quaker Oats with skim milk, honey & cinnamon for brekkie
Melly’s red lips (MAC Russian Red)
12WBT Thai Pumpkin Soup for lunch at my desk
lunchtime dessert Yoplait yoghurt

Happy hump day all!

4 thoughts on “hump day

    1. Thanks! I do like the colour and I had a lot of nice comments but I felt like I stuck out so much that I won’t be doing it too often! I do think you’re right, it would be a nice going out makeup!

    1. thanks! the Thai pumpkin soup is made just like traditional pumpkin soup except the first step is to fry 2 tbs red curry paste in with the onion & cubed pumpkin, then add in the veggie stock & water, etc. top with coriander (cilantro) You should give it a go!

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