spectacular sunny sunday

Finally Sydney’s skies cleared up and the SUN came out to play!!!

I had a day of achievement today…

We went running around our local Glebe park & foreshore for a delayed #SSS workout newly dubbed Super Sunday Session, had yummy brekkie at Toby’s, did grocery shopping for the week ahead, followed by a huge cook-up!

the gorgeous Glebe harbour (Sydney CBD in the background)
ANZAC bridge with Harbour Bridge in the distance
Harley in the park
fluffy, filthy monster

I know….you’ll have to excuse me, I’m only slightly obsessed with my dog.

Sunday’s calorie expenditure
the golden cup of awesome
Jay’s brekkie; scrambled eggs, sourdough, maple bacon, mushrooms & tomato
my brekkie; sourdough, avocado, tomato & basil pesto

Hope you all had a happy weekend!

13 thoughts on “spectacular sunny sunday

  1. Oh, Melly! What a perfect day. The sparkling water, the sweet pooch, the decadent drink, and scrumptious meal. I only wish I was there to enjoy it with you. 😉

    ~ C

  2. That avocado and tomato looks amazing but how did you fit it in your mouth??? Excuse me, I need to go out and buy some avocado now (but unfortunately I can’t afford the tomato on top).

  3. Hey, what kind of dog is Harley because he is the double of my Border Collie x Poodle and her name is Clancy! I kid you not, they are identical right down to the lighter markings and wooly coat.

    1. Adorable! I knew a border collie x poodle named Pheonix that Harley used to play with. She unfortunately got hit by a car 😦 You can see them playing here:
      But Harley is a Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x mini Poodle).
      Do you have any pics of Clancy???

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