12wbt | week 1 roundup



1km interval runs (ie 1km run, 1km walk, repeat; 4kms in total)

Monday workout results


Supposed to be a weights day, but I walked Harley (4kms) and did squats, wall-sit, push-ups & sit-ups.

Tuesday workout results


It was p!ssing down so I slept in and went to the gym after work. Smashed out a workout in 40 minutes!!! Rower (5 mins) / Interval running on treadmill (15 mins) / interval hills on Xtrainer (10 mins) / 60 situps / 20 pushups.

Wednesday workout results


Took Harley for a big 4km brisk walk.

Thursday workout results


Missed my workout because I had to organise Harley, pick up Mum from the station & fly to Melbourne! Did do a lot of walking though…


I was freaking out a little about the state of the hotel gym, but it’s good enough for the week! I didn’t quite hit a 1000 calorie workout but I did OK. PodRunner for 40 minutes, then squats, walking lunges & sit-ups.

Saturday workout results


Thank goodness for PodRunner on my iPod! I’m doing the ‘couch to 5km’ one at the moment.

Sunday workout results


Note the pics below don’t show all the food for the day. (Im not skipping meals!)


1113 total calories for Monday


1286 total calories for Tuesday


1159 total calories for Wednesday


1151 total calories for Thursday


about 1500 calories for Friday


It’s a little harder to track my calories now that I’m in Melbourne for the week, but I am being conscious of my intake.

about 1500 calories for Saturday

The summary

The first week was actually pretty good considering I was hungry for most of the time! 1200 calories a day is going to take some getting used to as the portion sizes are small.
I love getting back into hard core exercise, which wasn’t a huge stretch as I was still doing 4-5 sessions a week anyway. Stepping up my weekly sessions with my real life personal trainer Joe will be good as he pushes me that extra bit.
Being in Melbourne is a little challenging because I can’t cook for myself (staying at a hotel) and there are so many temptations (hello, Italian food!) but the hotel has an adequate gym that I’m making use of. I am allowing myself some treats because I’m working out in the morning and then walking everywhere about town. I won’t be able to weigh myself on Wednesday though, so I’ll have to do it when I get back next weekend.

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