make today… | 12wbt


Today I start Michelle Bridges 12WBT program for the third round.
This is the sitch…

My commitment

♦ 6 days a week training – I’ll do 5.30am morning sessions because I seriously don’t like working out in the evening. Monday/Wednesday running outdoors with my running buddy Harley (the dog), Tuesday weights at the gym, Thursday Pump class, Friday personal training session with Joe and then Super Saturday Session (SSS) which is workout until I burn 1000 calories (usually 1.5 hrs or Combat + running).

♦ 1200 calories a day nutrition quota – I’ll follow the 12wbt meal plan pretty closely which means virtually no socialising over food the next 3 months. Its a sacrifice Im willing to make to reach my goals

♦ I will be organised and execute my training and nutrition plan successfully (with thought and determination) and if there are any hiccups along the way I won’t fall off the wagon.

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” – Peter Marshall

♦ I’m going to do a weekly summary blog including my workouts, food, etc. (aren’t you just thrilled?!?!?!)

MY goals

♦ I am going to lose 12 kgs (26 lbs).

♦ I am going to start training for the Sydney Running Festival in Sept (9kms over the Harbour Bridge and through the city).

♦ I am going to go skydiving as my reward.

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