Margherita Missoni | a gypsy wedding

the bride

Margherita Missoni (the Missoni dynasty heiress) married her long time love Eugenio Amos recently in the garden’s of her Italian home.

Margherita & Eugenio

True to her boho gypsy style, their wedding was a casual garden brunch event glammed up by her Missoni family (grandparents Rosita and Tai, and her mother Angela) and some celeb friends including photographer Mario Testino, ex-French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld and Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani.

Margherita collaborated with Giambattista Valli for her etherial ivory wedding dress. The entertainment fit with the mystical gypsy theme including fortune tellers, gypsy musicians and acrobats.

Her bridesmaids were Tatiana Santo Domingo, Eugenie Niarchos and sister Teresa.

bride & groom

grandmother Rosita Missoni
mother-of-the-bride Angela Missoni

bridesmaids wore flower hair wreaths
brunch tables
table settings
the feast
Tatiana Santo Domingo, Eugenie Niarchos, Alexia Nied

the wildberry wedding cakes

[picture sources: NY Times, UK Telegraph, Vogue Italia]

12wbt week 4 | thoughts

Michelle‘s kickoff message for Week 4 of the program, was about self sabotage; whether we perform acts of self sabotage on our fitness and health journey, or whether we just haven’t honed the skills to enable us to reach our goals.

I think at times I may contribute to sabotaging myself; feeling like I may fail so why should I start or procrastinating because I feel like I know everything and can ‘make it up’ later. But on the whole I don’t think I am a self saboteur. I fall into the group of people who just hasn’t learnt to effectively and consistently apply the health, fitness & weightloss skills I am learning.
I often lack discipline in my diet and, if Im honest, I often like food more than the dedication to my goal of being thin. I let instant gratification outweigh future success. I haven’t yet learnt that effective way of socialising without food and alcohol.

As Michelle puts it, these mindset tasks are helping to change our unhealthy habits, both physically and mentally. They are changes for life, not just for 12 weeks… I understand that a transformation takes longer than a couple of weeks to change actions & thinking that have been around for years, but at the same time, I’m so impatient to be there already. I often find myself thinking ‘why aren’t I there yet?’ I know what I should and shouldn’t be doing but patience isn’t one of my intrinsic virtues.

I’m realising that in these moments of pure frustration/exasperation, I need to bring out my internal armour of self worth.
Michelle likens it to a bank; you top up your self worth with positive actions (having a good training session, a day of clean eating, or doing something positive like watching a good movie, listening to my fave music or repeating a personal mantra) and by the same token, you can also deplete your bank of self worth (negative talk, hanging out with people who don’t support you or want to sabotage you, over-analyzing your mistakes etc).

So to help encourage myself, I’m going to refer more to my inspiration board and repeat this personal mantra…


Tonight at the gym I started my workout thinking ‘I just want to be finished already’. My head wasn’t in it; I was already thinking about picking Harley up, seeing Jay and preparing dinner. My unfinished work to-do list was playing over in my mind. Then I thought up this mantra; “I can do this. I am strong enough. I am dedicated and determined. Quitting is not an option.” And then I felt all of those things. My mind cleared and I became focused. I completed a great workout (just over 600 cals burnt) in 55 minutes and now I feel proud of myself. 

So here’s to turning the tide on any negativity. I’m going to own this shit!

this is how we brew it

I hope you’re now singing “this is how we brew it” in the same tune as
Montell Jordan’s ‘This is how we do it‘!


there is little better than a perfect cup of steaming,
freshly barista’d, coffee

skim flat white (no sugar!)
a long black (no sugar, no milk!)
is how I take it

here a few of my faves of late

Morso Cafe bowl of coffee
FFF coffee
Westfield Tower Cafe coffee
Degraves Espresso (Melbourne)
a surprisingly good coffee from the airport
takeaway from Toby’s Estate in Chippendale (my ultimate fave!)
have-in cup from Toby’s Estate in Chippendale
takeaway from Mano Espresso, my local fave
amazing coffee from The Grounds
a large treat from Otto

now I’ll leave you with an image of the cutest coffee spoon on the planet…
while I go get ready to find my Sunday cup


hump day

I generally don’t like Wednesdays because I have a lot of project reporting due.

But I woke up feeling full of energy today, weighed in (exactly the same as before I went to Melbourne, so that is OK I guess, as I expected a gain), did a great outdoor work-out with Jay & Harley, decided to wear red lipstick (which is totally out of the ordinary for me – only the second time I’ve ever worn bright lips and the first time I’ve ever worn it to work! Feeling self conscious!), made yummy oats for the whole family (including Harley the dog who loves them) and had a good lunch of 12WBT Thai Pumpkin Soup. 

This arvo will fly past since I’ll be having a meeting with my customer (not naming names but it’s Australia’s Central Bank) in their secure data centre which has retinal and finger print scanning! So cool. I’m such an geek.

Wednesday workout
Quaker Oats with skim milk, honey & cinnamon for brekkie
Melly’s red lips (MAC Russian Red)
12WBT Thai Pumpkin Soup for lunch at my desk
lunchtime dessert Yoplait yoghurt

Happy hump day all!

lace nails | how to guide

I am obsessed with these nails!

I had only seen them in a magazine and after asking my local nail salon if they could do it (they didn’t know what I was talking about), I googled it and discovered a ‘how to’ guide from Shona Wallace from Studs & Lace.

What you’ll need:

  • Base coat (any color you choose)
  • Top coat (clear nail polish)
  • Small-patterned lace (so it fits over your nails, honeycomb pattern is simplest to work with) in any color
  • Small nail scissors

This is the Studs & Lace guide to perfecting the lace nail!

1. Take a stretch of pretty black lace and cut out pieces to fit each nail.

2. Paint your nails a base colour of your choosing- the most simple and stylish is a blush/nude tone, but it can look pretty with a bold colour as well. If you really want to channel a Studs & Lace look, opt for a duck-egg blue base and top with black lace. Models Own ‘Bloo Boo’ is a great pastel blue. Gorgeous!

3. While the nail polish is still wet, carefully apply each individual piece of lace.

4. Wait for the polish to dry and apply a clear top coat over the lace.

For the Studs & Lace full article visit [here].





There is also another really ‘good how’ to guide via Behind The Seams.

I’m going to try to do my nails this weekend! 
But what do you think of the lace nail?

12wbt | week 2 roundup

Disclosure: For all my non-12WBT or fitness blog friends, please read at your own peril!

In terms of my 12WBT journey, my second week was tragic.

Being in Melbourne for just over a week was not good for my nutrition and exercise. I spent the successful first week of 12WBT stressing over the fact that I was going to be outside of my comfort zone (ie: not cooking, not knowing what the hotel gym would be like, turning into “holiday mode”) and then resolving myself to being a warrior while I was away.

Well, the first 4 days went to plan, the last 4 days went to hell in a hand basket.

I am an emotional eater. I eat when I’m bored. I eat when I’m happy. When I’m excited, when I see pictures of awesome food, when I’m lonely….you get the picture. This is a fact that I’m trying to change through Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT program.

Michelle spends a lot of time on the psychology of our health; our emotional connection to food and exercise, and lessons on how to change our bad habits for healthier ones.  These are what our preseason tasks and the weekly videos and live chats are about. Addressing our obvious issues with nutrition and exercise (as well as providing motivation & inspiration!).

For me, the exercise isn’t a problem. I like doing it, I’m actually pretty fit and strong and determined. But I lack discipline with my nutrition. And for the moment, I need regularity and structure when it comes to eating healthily and training hard. Not that that is an excuse.

After getting home on the weekend, I’m re-evaluating my goals and behaviour. After re-watching a few of Mish’s videos these are my thoughts:

  • I am going to be accountable and responsible. What I put in my mouth & eat is my responsibility.
  • How consistent and intense my training is up to be me. I have the power and the ability to respond how I want to every situation. There are no excuses. I have to be my word.
  • I want this for myself so I need to make it happen. And I can’t measure my success against others.

Week 2 Food in review

Eating out for 3 meals a day is pretty heavy on the calories. I did try and keep my portions small, although I could tell they were creeping up towards the end of the week.

breakfast was in the hotel with a small bowl of fruit, a small tub of yoghurt and then a piece of toast with a coffee.

lunch was basically Japanese every day except three days when I had a Mexican fajita, a burger & chips and Korean BBQ (over 3 different days, not all at once!).

dinner was my downfall. I failed with control. I ate fish, pasta, steak and pizza. And drank wine.

I generally didn’t snack except over the long weekend where we had a Saturday afternoon beer at a pub, a cupcake and coffee on Sunday and chocolate bullets & popcorn at the movies on Monday. That’s enough to send me into a shame spiral.

summary – I indulged too much. I went over my 1200 calorie quota every day I was away. No doubt about it.

Week 2 Exercise in review

Friday – So I missed my mammoth PT session last Friday as I was flying out (this is a session where I usually burn 750+ calories). On the 12WBT program Friday is supposed to be a stretching day so I did yoga poses for 20 minutes when I got settled at the hotel.

Saturday – a session in the gym. PodRunner & weights.

Super Saturday Session

Sunday – another session in the gym. PodRunner and floor work.


Monday – gym again. PodRunner & weights.


Tuesday – Friday: no workouts. I did do a lot of walking around the city though; meeting Jay for lunch, walking from my office, shopping, going out at night. But it was still completely slack of me.

Sunday – we got home and due to the rain I delayed my Super Saturday Session  til Sunday so I could workout in the park.


summary – I started off well but didn’t end well. Basically I was just lazy (slept in, rushed to get brekkie, then went out at night). At least I had a few good workouts.


So there you have it. My gut-wretchingly honest account of my week 2 failure. Let’s not let it happen again shall we.

travel treasures

Travel is the common theme of these sweet treasures I found on Etsy.

Luggage tag [via]

Vintage Camper Birdhouse [via]

Leather duffle [via]

Toiletry Case [via]

Ceramic travel mug [via]

Paper Plane Necklace [via]

Adventure map [via]

I’m going on a little weekend adventure with my BFF Gracie next month, so until then, the adventures will remain in my daydreams…