today I’m thankful…


  • for a wonderful weekend with my Mummy; lots of walks, quality time & coffee
  • that the sun is shining. Yay – screw you rain!
  • for my skim flat white coffee from Mano Espresso
  • that my husband still has a job (after 1500 redundancies at his company)
  • that I’ve discovered the best hand cream to stave off the winter parched skin; Murchison-Humes ‘Decidedly Rich Everyday Hand Cream’
  • for the Vivid Sydney Festival; date night this week is going to light up….literally!
  • for The Colonel; sometimes you just have to give in to fried chicken!
  • that I aced my half-yearly work performance review
  • that my favourite TV shows will be returning…Fringe, Glee, Revenge, The Good Wife & that True Blood starts back up again in a few weeks
  • for Bepanthen cream that is soothing the giant oven burn on my wrist!

Happy Monday peeps.
Hope you kick Mondayitis in the teeth!


  1. Have taken note of your hand cream, my poor hands are so dry and scabby it’s ridiculous (tmi I know but I get eczema every winter without fail and am so over it).

    Am glad your hubby is still employed! So many layoffs everywhere these days, it’s scary.

    Am also glad about True Blood coming back soon!

    1. thanks Emma! hopefully the Brisvegas weather isnt as rude as Sydney’s at the moment. It feels like it’s going to snow any second!!! (which would actually be kinda cool….)

  2. Great post and like Stephanie, I love the positivity!

    PS. I’m excited Fringe is back as well. Revenge must be nearly done for the season here in Oz though….

    1. thanks Deb! I meant, the seasons are finished (in the States cause I download them….) and are signed to return!!!! Just wait til you watch the season finale of Revenge & Fringe…awesome! 😉

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