gorging myself

Hypothetically speaking, if one calorie can power a light bulb for one second, then I can power the sparkling Eiffel Tower for 28.8 McChickens minutes!

I must confess that yesterday I consumed enough food to feed a small African nation…it started with the work bake off and ended with an epic home-cooked romantic dinner, included a farewell lunch for a work friend and some McDonalds.

Let me set the scene…Wednesday morning I rose at dawn’s crack to collect my BFF Gracie and her Dad from the airport as they returned from a holiday in Singapore, I had a back to back project meetings with clients and then stayed up baking until 2am Thursday morning. Of course I slept in, missed my workout and then had to get drive through McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin for breakfast as I scrambled to work for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea (raising funds for Cancer Council). And I’m in it to win it baby!!!

Yep, my coconut & lime cupcakes went down a treat (I’ll share the recipe soon)! That’s back2back years of winning the bake-off!!!!

Teriyaki Beef for lunch at Nakashima in The Rocks

Then it was down to a local Japanese diner for Trish’s farewell lunch.

this is Trish (and the afternoon tea cake – which I DIDNT have any of)

Earlier that morning (before rushing to work and after sleeping in/missing my workout) I put some beef in the slow cooker (8 hours on low) with veal stock, tomato puree and red wine. Last week I had dinner out with the girls and ate the most delicious Duck Pappardelle at DeVine Wine Bar + Restaurant that inspired my special dinner for Jay; he’s going away to work in Melbourne for a few weeks so I thought I’d get in some nice cooking for him before he leaves.

Beef ragu with fresh pappardelle

It was seriously good (if I say so myself…but hubby agreed) and I’ll post the method & recipe soon.

This morning we had our personal training session with Joe at the gym which made a nice dent in my calorie-overload yesterday.

today’s punishment


  1. Congrats on winning the baking comp!! They look yummy. I keep coming 2nd in my work baking events, unfortunately we have a very creative receptionist haha. Please do post the recipe for that Beef Ragu, it looks amazing 🙂

    1. I cant help myself – it’s an almost pathological need to have to win at things!
      I’ll make some and bring them over to your new house 😉

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