the stork

Tonight one of my girlfriends shared with me the most exciting news; she’s preggers! 8 weeks!

After I got over my initial 2.5 second shock I hugged her and shared in her happiness.

She’s single. In her early 40’s. Divorced. Ex-pat. Amazing woman.

Without going into too much detail, it’s the (shocking but very welcome) by-product of a weekend fling with a much younger man. He knows but will not be involved and she’s fine with that.

Her divorce ended partially because they thought she would never have children. Now a decade later, at the most unexpected time, she’s going to be a Mum.

She’s the kind of woman  that draws people to her. She’s confident, sassy and sexy. She’s intelligent and courageous. She’ll be the most wonderful mother and I’m so happy for her and glad that I’m counted as part of her Aussie family!

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