m is for…magnificent

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

For the first time, Jay & I shared today together with both our fabulous Mothers; we spent the day with a Jay-made-brekkie of pancakes, a walk with the dogs (Harley and the next door neighbour dog Bella) on the beach and had a special lunch at Peppers Anchorage resort in Nelson Bay.

Harley out & about in Nelson Bay
and random stuff in Mum’s back yard

Lunch at Pepper’s Anchorage was wonderful. The Mother’s Day special menu, the location and staff were just lovely. It was a treat to have both our Mum’s in the same place! It’s the first time we’ve had that since our wedding 6 years ago!

the Mum’s (L-R) Lizzie & Lua
Lua & Jay
Mel & Lizzie

a special Mother’s Day 3 course selection

celebrating with champers!

the entrees

mineral water
the Mum’s have the tomato & feta salad
Jay has pumpkin soup
Mel has the mezze plate

the mains

Lua has the salmon
Lizzie, Jay & Mel have the chicken with avocado & corn salsa

the dessert

Lua has the pistachio brownie
Lizzie has the creme brulee
Jay & Mel have the pear tart

Lunch took 3.5 hours! It was such a nice afternoon just eating, drinking, chatting & laughing with our Mums. What a treat!

Meanwhile back at my Mum’s place, Harley was entertaining himself with a balloon…

So to all you who are a mum or mum-to-be….hope you know that you are loved and appreciated and had a wonderful day!


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