salad all in one

I am obsessed with this salad. OBSESSED!

It doesn’t matter that Jay walks around singing The Simpsons “you don’t make friends with salad” song when I give this to him in his work lunchbox, because with a salad this yummy you won’t need friends!

my lunchbox salad

Melly’s all-in-one autumn lunchbox salad

  • Baby spinach; 1 cup
  • Green beans; 100g, blanched, cooled & sliced length-ways
  • Broccoli; 1/2 cup florets, blanched & cooled
  • Cherry tomatoes; 4 cut in half
  • Baby beetroot; tinned, 1/2 a serve (40g or about 5) sliced
  • Egg; 1 boiled egg, shelled & cut in quarters
  • Bocconcini cheese; Traditional type (larger than the cherry bocconicini) x 2 pieces roughly torn
  • Salad nuts/seeds (I use the pinenut/sunflower/pumpkin seed mix); 1 tbs

Layer the salad and serve! Makes 1 serve of 363 calories.

*You could skip the nuts/seeds in lieu of 1/2 cup cooked pumpkin. Yum!

halfway through lunch at my desk!

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