salad all in one

I am obsessed with this salad. OBSESSED!

It doesn’t matter that Jay walks around singing The Simpsons “you don’t make friends with salad” song when I give this to him in his work lunchbox, because with a salad this yummy you won’t need friends!

my lunchbox salad

Melly’s all-in-one autumn lunchbox salad

  • Baby spinach; 1 cup
  • Green beans; 100g, blanched, cooled & sliced length-ways
  • Broccoli; 1/2 cup florets, blanched & cooled
  • Cherry tomatoes; 4 cut in half
  • Baby beetroot; tinned, 1/2 a serve (40g or about 5) sliced
  • Egg; 1 boiled egg, shelled & cut in quarters
  • Bocconcini cheese; Traditional type (larger than the cherry bocconicini) x 2 pieces roughly torn
  • Salad nuts/seeds (I use the pinenut/sunflower/pumpkin seed mix); 1 tbs

Layer the salad and serve! Makes 1 serve of 363 calories.

*You could skip the nuts/seeds in lieu of 1/2 cup cooked pumpkin. Yum!

halfway through lunch at my desk!

upping my training

Now that 12WBT round 1 has finished (and round 2 doesn’t kickoff for another few weeks), I thought it would be a good time to enroll a Personal Trainer from my gym to kick my butt and up my training on a weekly basis.

Joe is a trainer at my gym (ITAC); he’s a total machine – huge muscles, super fit and best of all is Samoan (just like my beautiful hubby!). Neen introduced me to him one day when we were working out together on a Xtrainer and since then we’ve had a chat on passing.

Personal Trainer Joe (left in black tshirt) with the other ITAC Trainers

Jay & I are now doing a weekly 1 hour session with him (Friday mornings 6am) which started last week.

Friday workout calorie expenditure

Our first session included the following:

  • 10 mins warm-up on the Xtrainer on Arm Blast program
  • 6 sets x 12 reps of over head press weights
  • 10 sets of 30 secs side-2-side squats
  • 10 sets of 30 secs jump squats
  • 3 x 300m rowing blasts
  • various upper body arm weights (sorry, I dont know all of the names of the machines!!!)
  • 5 mins walking on incline
  • 3 x 30 sec ab planks
  • 3 x 20 reps various ab
  • stretching
Saturday workout calorie expenditure

Because the gym is closed for renovations this coming, (even though we were so sore from Friday’s training) we had this week’s PT session the following day.

The session included;

  • 10 min run to the gym
  • 5 min walking on 12° incline treadmill
  • 6 sets x rowing vs clean & press; 1 set consists of rowing to 300m as fast as possible, then running over to the clean & press station and doing 12 reps
  • 5 min Xtrainer on Butt Blast program
  • outdoor stair running and boxing for 20 mins (OMG pain!!!)
  • 2 x 2 min ab plank holds
  • stretching
  • 15 min walk home

I’m loving it!

a question a day in may | nine


day 9 question

What characteristic do you most admire?

In people that characteristic is courage.

Courage comes in many forms; overcoming adversity, conquering your fears, achieving your goals, taking it step by step til you reach your destination. It’s all courage and strength of will and fierce determination that gets you there.

That’s what I admire.