meat tornado


After previously being a vegetarian for 3 years (in addition to several attempts on & off over the years) and the fact that I’m an Atheist,
it’s funny that one of my favourite sayings is
If God didn’t mean for us to eat animals they wouldn’t be made of meat!
So a couple of weeks ago, for date night (& treat meal) with the hubby, we went to Hurricanes Bar & Grill in Darling Harbour
to indulge our carnivorous side.
It was the great South African meatfest of 2012…

This is the eye of the meat tornado.
full rack of pork ribs with chips
It was a meatfest that I attempted and failed…
…half of it went on the hubby’s plate.


  1. Oh wow – I have eaten there on my last trip to Sydney and it was delicious….the view of the city skyline, the thousand different types of flesh to order…yum! Looks like a wonderful night out.

  2. I’m a huge meat-eater though don’t like eating things off the bone (strange, I know) so can’t ‘do’ ribs!!! Looks yummy though!

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