a question a day in may | five

Whoops! The weekend got away with me & I forgot to post this one on the fifth!


day 5 question

If you hadn’t been an IT PM what would you have done?

Until I left university for a gap year (that lasted forever!) I wanted to be an Oceanographer. Just like my childhood hero…

an Oceanographer just like Jacques Cousteau

I fell into ICT (information and communication technology) and now I work for an Integrations company that employees more than 13,000 people globally that is owned by the third largest Telco in the world (NTT).

I actually really like my job; it’s constantly challenging and changes from project to project and client to client which keeps it interesting. The hours are sometimes crazy and demanding but my company is flexible (work from home, make up our hours), they invest in their people (courses & seminars like the luncheon I attended last week where we heard Julia Ross speak to the chapter Women in Project Management), they recognize and show appreciation for all our hard work (like the 10 year dinner club that I am now inducted into & the movie night event we could bring our partners to that we had last week to see The Avengers) and they give back to the community (like our work with displaced mothers & children at The Marian Centre and our conservation work with Sydney National Parks and Wildlife).

Like every job, sometimes it can be difficult and I won’t lie when I tell you a project I had last year brought me to tears almost daily, but it balances out and I’m lucky to work with people who are not only knowledgeable and inspiring but have become my friends, which makes each day in the office pleasant.

If I hadn’t had this twist of fate…..I would be diving the oceans studying the underwater geography, marveling the aquatic life and worrying about our ocean conservation efforts!

Isn’t it funny how life can guide you!