monkey magic | dinner club four

Japanese fusion was on the menu for Ian’s pick for April’s Dinner Club. Monkey Magic in Surry Hills is a beautiful space; it’s industrial but warm; an open warehouse feel with a mix of concrete and wooden floors and exposed wood ceiling beams. Entree For Jay’s starter he has sushi roll; it’s so good IContinue reading “monkey magic | dinner club four”

another lovely blog

I have a new blog buddy! Super exciting!!! Steph Konar, from [Simply Stephanie] was recently tagged as a lovely blogger and then was kind enough to on-tag moi!  From reading Steph’s posts & twitter my impression is that she’s a total darling; cute, funny & joyful; a girl that loves animals (esp. her doggy Moo!), reading,Continue reading “another lovely blog”

suri’s burn book | blogstars

If you haven’t read the scathingly sarcastic yet hilarious diatribe from “Suri’s Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood’s Little Sweetheart” (written by ghost writer Allie Hagan) then you haven’t yet lived. All content from Suri’s Burn Book blog or twitter. Suri’s Burn Book on Tumblr A select few posts… ◊  ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ TwitterContinue reading “suri’s burn book | blogstars”

beef ragu with pappardelle | recipe

I recently wrote about gorging myself for a whole day which included this delicious pappardelle pasta dish with a tender beef ragu. Ragu traditionally uses secondary cuts of meat which are slowly & gently cooked for hours so that the sinew breaks down and the meat is tender and juicy. For this I use myContinue reading “beef ragu with pappardelle | recipe”


◊ Today was cold and rainy. Which started me daydreaming about returning to Tokoriki Island in Fiji. I’m remembering crystal blue water, huge friendly smiles, the softest ocean breeze rustling the palms, waking to the sound of gentle waves lapping and gulls chatting, reading my book stretched out on a swinging hammock, playing long gamesContinue reading “wanderlust”

the 20 most stylish Aussie women | in my opinion!

Recently The Herald did a spread on Australia’s 50 most stylish women. I thought some of them were a bit meh so for my Top 20 I’ve chosen only women who actually live in Australia (I do love the style of Rose Byrne & Miranda Kerr but they don’t live here!). In no particular orderContinue reading “the 20 most stylish Aussie women | in my opinion!”