bionic woman and the beach

I’m up at my Mum’s this week.

She lives 3 hours north of Sydney and just had bi-lateral knee replacements; meaning she now has two titanium knees…she’s a bionic woman! Or as I lovingly refer to her….”the transhuman”.

So I’ve taken the week off work to be her driver/cook/house-cleaner/assistant. Today I took her to physical therapy and while I was waiting for her to finish the five-hour-marathon-session, I hung out with my girlfriend Tam and daughter Finley while Harley played with Pippin in the backyard.

Jay drove me up yesterday and will spend the week in a “cold, lonely house” without the rest of his Williams’ clan. This is the longest we’ve been apart in years. Boo. But before he went home, we spent a lovely afternoon at the beach…

Harley loves the water. He spent a good 25 minutes swimming about 10m off-shore, just paddling up and down, back and forth. He also likes to eat sand. 

A small pod of dolphins swam past, and we spotted a big sea eagle with a fish in his claws trying to dodge a couple of large black crows who were trying to ambush his meal…

Tomorrow Mum & I are going to the little local cinema to see Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and then Harley & I will go for a run on the beach. I could get used to this…

2 thoughts on “bionic woman and the beach

  1. Sounds lovely. I did a similar thing for my mum after a knee replacement (just the one though)… though had to be there for nearly a month to look after dad while she was in hospital and then both for a couple of weeks. It’s a nice thing to do. My mum may need another op soon and is stressing about ‘putting me/us out’ but I keep reminding her that she wouldn’t have a second thought about doing the same for me.

    Enjoy your time with your mum and at the beach!

  2. Those are beautiful photos! And man I love that dog of yours. It’s quite possible he is the cutest boy dog in the world!!!

    Poor Jay. I shall send Ian off to entertain him tonight.

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