Super Saturday Session | Cronulla Dunes

For yesterday’s SSS we decided to tackle the Cronulla Dunes. It’s a short 1.5km run to the Dunes along a dirt track through the Reserve. We did 10 laps of the Dunes. 10 laps! It’s about 250m from the bottom to the top. Sand running really tests your fitness and endurance. Harley runs around chasingContinue reading “Super Saturday Session | Cronulla Dunes”

it’s easy being green

I recently wrote about my new breakfast routine of a green smoothie (and my fancypants new Vitamix).  I am seriously obsessed with the green smoothie revolution; My skin looks great, my insides function like a well oiled machine and it’s a fast way to have brekkie! So I thought I’d share a few combinations ifContinue reading “it’s easy being green”


Beginning in the cool pre-dawn silence, Aussies everywhere today fulfill a promise to our military fallen; we will remember them. lest we forget I’m up at Mum’s place and we decided to make some ANZAC biscuits! Merle Parrish’s Anzac biscuit recipe [via] Prep time: 20 mins Cooking time: 6-7 mins per batch Makes: 45 1 cupContinue reading “ANZAC”

gone bush

My brother’s gone bush. As in totally outback.  [via] He’s packed up his life in Perth and has gone to work with my Dad and his wife in Kalumburu. Now for those of you not familiar with Australia, or even the Aussies who are, you probably haven’t heard of this town. It is literally atContinue reading “gone bush”

20 things I vaguely fear (with no explanation)*

[via] Mullet dresses Pray Mantis Strobe lights missiles from China  Indian food NeNe Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta Cellulite Yellow squash Paul Giamatti Neck tattoos Purple carrots Convenience Store Clerks  Denim on denim Chai tea Measles, Mumps or Chicken Pox (& other infectious viral diseases) Bob Brown Car Cleaner waiting rooms Chinese Crested Chihuahuas Pop-tarts TheContinue reading “20 things I vaguely fear (with no explanation)*”