pump it up!


A few things that I’m sure you know about Les Mills International:

  • it’s a fitness company who pioneered classes like Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat, RPM, Body Balance
  • it’s a Kiwi brand hailing from Auckland NZ
  • the classes are a fun way to exercise and burn calories

A few things I bet you didn’t know about Les Mills International…

  • Leslie “Les” Mills was an Olympic Athlete (gold medal in discus in 1966)
  • Les Mills was the Mayor of Auckland from 1990-1998
  • Les Mills is the figure head of the company
  • his son Phillip Mills actually dreamed, created and developed Les Mills International and all the classes that it’s famous for
  • I am a huge fan of Combat and Pump!
Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre exterior


Our gym (Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Ultimo) recently had an equipment upgrade and we’ve got kickarse, super cool pink Pump equipment (including pink weights and rises)!!!


upgraded RPM room


Pump is high repetition/low-ish weights set to music so that it acts as a cardio workout in addition to toning.  I say “low-ish” weights because you can always load up your bar if you love to feel the burn! 

The music is usually covers or specially licensed songs. A typical set list for music goes something like this:

BODYPUMP 79 tracklist

Warmup: Higher – Logan S. feat. Mandy Brewer
Squats: Closer To The Edge – Mekon Garden
Chest: Party All Night (Sleep All Day) – Sean Kingston
Back: Written In The Stars (Sunny Dee Remix) – Jason Born
Triceps: Born This Way – Southern Light
Biceps: Livin’ On A Prayer – Altiyan Childs
Lunges: Grenade (Damn-R Mix) – Jason Born
Shoulders: J’Adore Hardcore (Extended Mix) – Scooter
Abdominals: We’ll Be Alright – Travie McCoy
Cooldown: The Crow & The Butterfly – Shinedown
Alternative 5 – Triceps: If We Ever Meet Again (Hans-O-Matik Bigroom Radio Cut) – Pandora BX

{set list via}

As much as I love it, lately I’ve been feeling I’m outgrowing Pump. Jay says Pump is a graduate program for the weights floor (where all the big boys work out)! So Ive decided to only do Pump once a week (instead of 2-3 times) and work out on the gym floor 1-2 times. 

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