cakes for harmony day

Last week, the 21st March, was Harmony Day; an initiative by the Australian Government to remind us of our multicultural society and the differences that define us is what joins us as Australians.

We have over 40 different cultural backgrounds at my workplace, so to celebrate we held a morning tea, where people could bring in food specific to their culture, for everyone to share. It was wonderful!

cultural goodies on display
Aussie ANZAC Biscuits
Bangladeshi delights
South African Biltong (the company I work for originated in South Africa, although it is now owned by NTT Japan)
the not-so-humble pav (Pavlova) with its nefarious origination in NZ...
my mate & fellow PM, Amanda (aka Mands)
a yummy-looking cake of unknown origin
resource co-ordinator Nat looking devilishly guilty with her plate!
Vietnamese Mango Sticky Rice...mmmmmmm yum!
a couple of the managers (the one the left is Kiwi Ben standing in front of his proud pavlova!)
Bangladeshi Curry Puffs
decimating the food table

Everyone loved seeing (mostly homemade) foods from different cultures and it was a great half-hour break from our desks to celebrate our diversity!

4 thoughts on “cakes for harmony day

  1. Grrr… thought I left a comment earlier but it disappeared. It all looks fabulous and your workplace looks wonderful – what a great place to work!


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