well co & a french film | date night

Date night last week with hubby landed us in the Italian suburb of Leichhardt which has been taken over in March by the French for the Alliance Française Sydney French Film Festival.

We ate at Well Co which is a cute little cafe/wine bar on Norton Street (we frequent the one on Glebe Point Rd)

Well Co interior


The cafe has cute rustic decor with a mix of little wooden and metal stools, a blackboard that covers the entire wall, low hanging light bulbs above the tables inside that cast a wonderful soft glow and little mismatching candlelit table settings outside. 

evening cafe entertainment

On the weekend they have live entertainment; it’s a husband and wife team that do folk-y type music (think The Beatles, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Carly Simon & James Taylor – yay!) and some French-inspired tunes in honour of the festival. Between the two of them they play 5 instruments (keyboard, guitar, ukulele, trombone & harmonica).

the menu

The menu is simple and well priced. I’d call it modern Italian with some great wholefood vegetarian options. The wine list has lesser-known Aussie wines and few Italian varietals. The service is friendly and quick.

Scotch fillet steak with mashed potato, tomato chutney served with Japanese Yuki sauce

Jay orders the steak and he finds it cooked to his liking (medium rare), the mash is creamy, buttery and whipped to perfection and the Yuki chutney is adds a different flavour than the usual red wine jus…

Prosciutto linguine with garlic roma tomato, rocket & chilli

I am a sucker for a good linguine, and this one fills the spot perfectly; ripe tomato, spicy chilli and green, peppery rocket with just a sprinkling of crispy prosciutto.

garden salad

We share a garden salad. I would have preferred for the dressing to come on the side instead of being smothered all over it, but its OK.

Jay & Mel

Atmosphere: cute & quirky; good for a girlie catchup or a romantic dinner.
Food: cafe style modern Italian; small and large size meals.
Service: Great! Quick and friendly.
Value for money: Good.

Well Co Cafe and Wine Bar | 39-45 Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW 2040


After dinner we walk up the cafe lined street to the Palace cinema. I love this cinema; it’s old elegant art house style (no room for blockbusters here!), small capacity and beer/wine you can take in by the glass (no ‘plastic only’ rule!). The candy bar is even Italian style; gelato instead of icecream and popcorn cooked in olive oil that makes a beautiful difference taste-wise.

I love French films. We’ve been to the Leichhardt French film festival for the past 3 years. I also adore the acting of Audrey Tautou who is the star of La Delicatesse (aka Delicacy). The story is in the vein of other romantic French movies; quirky, heartwarming, drama/comedy (“dramedy”) with a whimsical tone (eg Amelie-like voiceovers) that life is full of surprises. The story tells of Nathalie (Tautou) who is uncertain of life & happiness after a tragic accident leaves her a widower. Her world is turned upside once she starts a friendship with a very odd Swedish co-worker (played by Belgian actor François Damiens).

I recommend you check it out if you get a chance! 

(Note: contrary to the voiceover on the trailer below, La Delicatesse actually refers to ‘sensitivity’ rather than the English meaning of ‘delicacy’.)

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