12wbt | weeks 3-5 in review

Weeks 3, 4 & 5 were about exercising like a demon but struggling a little with controlling my food choices.

To be honest, I’ve been finding my discipline around my eating a little difficult. I haven’t been diligently sticking to my 1200 calories a day quota, which means I haven’t seen huge improvements on the scales BUT on the flip side because I’ve been training hard I’ve seen noticeable improvements in my fitness and body measurements (-8cm at 4 week milestone mark!).

The next half of the program is about getting my food discipline back on track and adhering strictly with my daily calorie allowance. In one of her videos Michelle Bridges talks about 2 clients; one trains like a demon but eats what she wants and the other doesn’t really exercise by eats really clean. Guess which one sees losses on the scales? The clean eater!

Here is a breakdown of my weeks three to five:


My daily routine largely remains the same across the weeks;

Monday – outdoor training; walk, then run (between 1-3kms depending on how I’m feeling as I’ve been nursing a knee/foot injury the last few weeks), then 6 x 1min plyometric super sets (mountain climers, squat punches, high knees, etc). I’m burning around 500-550 calories.

Tuesday – Body Pump at the gym. I’m burning around 380-450 calories during these sessions, although I burn more if I do the 10 minute run to/from the gym.

Wednesday – another outdoor session; either similiar to Monday’s sessions or doing a boxing routine with Jay and incorporating the plyometric supersets. Again, I’m burning 500+ calories during these training sessions.

Thursday – Body Pump at the gym. Last week my knee was so sore I forgo Pump and do a weights session on the gym floor so I could focus on my upper body. I’m burning between 380-450 cals during these sessions.

Friday – outdoor walk in the morning or Body Balance in the evening at the gym. I’m burning between 200-300 cals during these sessions.

Saturday – Super Saturday Session (SSS) consists of running to and from the gym for a Body Combat class, then adding in some additional training depending on the weather (either kettlebell workout in the backyard or cardio machines at the gym). I’m burning 1000+ cals during SSS.

Sunday – is supposed to be my rest day, but because I’ve been feeling guilty about my food, I’ve been adding another session on Sundays; usually just a bike ride or walk with Harley around the harbour, burning around 200-300 cals.


I haven’t been photographing all of my food, so here are some random shots to give an idea of what I’ve been eating.




7 thoughts on “12wbt | weeks 3-5 in review

  1. I know I comment on this all of the time but I LOVE your food photos. Anything I take NEVER looks like that.

    And… I’m with you. My food has been less-than-stellar. Not BAD (until a slip-up today) but not good either.


    1. Thanks Deb! I honestly don’t know how my food pics look good because I usually take them on my phone which has had the crap scratched out of the lens!!!

    1. Thanks! You’ll LOVE your hrm! I’ve had mine for about 7 months now and I can’t think of how I trained without it before (actually I barely trained before so I guess that’s the answer!) its just the best! Did you get any accessories for it?
      I’ve got the GPs but it chews through battery and is a little clunky so I rarely wear it.

      1. I haven’t gotten any accessories yet, because I just wanted to see how much I liked it first. So far, it’s extremely cute and fun to use! I love seeing how my heart rate rises and falls by how hard I’m working. Like, my heart rate does that whether I have the hrm or not (duhh) but actually seeing it kinda motivates you to work harder, doesn’t it?

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