happiness is…

  • dancing around my lounge room to LMFAO songs
  • my husbands latest deal maker; instead of pinky-swearing or shaking on it, we now close a deal with “let’s nibble ears on it“! (TMI??)
  • matching pegs on the clothes line (I know…OCD much?!!)
  • street fairs; I’m like a Bower Bird…I am attracted to shiny objects, colour & activity. 
  • getting approval from The Marian Centre to take Harley to play with the kids next week!!! (I volunteer one afternoon a month in the Children’s Learning Room at the St Vincent de Paul Society Women’s Outreach Crisis Centre) Therapy through animals will be wonderful for the kids!
  • watching The Good Wife’s (TV character) Alicia Florrick...I want her poise and patience and those clothes…Juliana Marguiles has never looked better
  • blood orange anything (the fruit, gelato, juice)
  • working out in the heat. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the way it makes me feel strong and healthy and like I’m actually doing something!
  • sharing the OMG burger from The Brooklyn Hotel with my friend Mands. we get our burger fix without feeling like we’re shamelessly cheating on our calories!
  • working out with Janine at the gym. working out with a friend is just fun.
  • giant cherries; they’re cherries and they’re giant. need I say more?!
  • reggae/rap music mash-ups on FBi (94.5FM in Sydney)
  • fireworks. we witness them at least twice a week thanks to our Sydney Mayor, Clover Moore, who loves to celebrate the opening of an envelope! 
  • OPI nail polish Shorts Story; it’s the prettiest taffy pink and it makes me feel ultra girly.
  • the Michelle Bridges health & fitness philosophy. I worship at her alter…my friends/family help feed my obsession – I received the calorie counter book, Crunchtime Fitness & Crunchtime Cookbook for Xmas.
  • waking to sunshine streaming through my blinds. You automatically know it’s going to be a great day!
  • Kookaburras in my backyard! I don’t know why they’ve suddenly started appearing but I love the sound of their laughing and it makes me feel like I’m in the bush instead of an inner city suburb.
  • planning our New Years holiday with the Jacksons. We’re going to Byron Bay for a week!!!
  • a mid-week quick dinner with our friends Jared & Pete
  • the anticipation of the weekend on a Friday afternoon! Joy!
  • French films

10 thoughts on “happiness is…

  1. Really? What have you been smoking? You sound really, really excited about everything. Not that I’m complaining – we should all be so enthusiastic about life 🙂

  2. Love this! We dance to LMFAO at my faux Zumba classes and it always puts me in a good mood – plus we have to wiggle our butts in the direction of the rest of the gym!

    Also loving your positivity about exercise and life in general!

    1. heehee, I love that song! wiggle wiggle wiggle are the words that get stuck in my head and you cant help but do a little butt wiggle when you sing it or hear it!

  3. Ok I’m back. Was rudely interrupted before and couldn’t finish commenting.

    Ok I’m back. Was rudely interrupted before and couldn’t finish commenting.


    The ear nibbling thing made me laugh. You are such a biter aren’t you? Lol, I’ll have to see if Ian wants to start sealing deals with an ear nibble. How can you break a promise to someone who has nibbled your ear? I don’t think you could.

    The peg thing reminds me of Amy. She takes FOREVER to put her washing out because not only do all her pegs need to match but she hangs all her washing in colour shades. I like messing with her mind by sneaking out and rearranging things. Moving a white top into the middle of the red tops, My OCD comes out when do the dishes. I always want glasses of the same size to be grouped together for drying.

    Harley McLick is going to be a hit at the Marian Centre. I bet they request him every time!

    Here’s a super easy recipe for Blood Orange sorbet that I made last week. I left out the sugar and it still tasted sweet and refreshing! http://annies-eats.com/2012/03/09/blood-orange-sorbet/

    You called me Janine! I’ve never heard you refer to me by my name before. It makes me nervous. Are you breaking up with me?

    Exercising when it’s hot is like my LEAST favourite thing in the world. You crazy cat.

    I heard kookaburras outside my window this morning and woke up totally confused! I thought I was in the bong!

    Love you and your energy.

  4. Firstly, TMI. Secondly, blood orange sorbet is awesome and so is…soap! I stayed at this fancy place in the wine country that had blood orange soap and it smelled really good. Lastly, Kooka-what?

    1. ok, clearly you need to be schooled in Australian animals! They are one of the best known Aussie birds, they dont “chirp” but their call sounds like a “laugh”. check out this youtube clip:
      http://youtu.be/ovIYsi8O0Jg (hear it about a minute in) and then this one for more Aussie birds and the Kookaburra close up http://youtu.be/Hg7v2A6H53w
      (we get lots of the green ones flying around, theyre like bird gossipers!) AND this one you can hear the laugh http://youtu.be/S0ZbykXlg6Q (but Im against keeping them in captivity). They do get pretty tame after a while…theyll eat out of your hands and remain wild birds!

      1. I’ve heard that call before! The zoo? A movie set in the jungle? Anyway, I like our friend Kookaburra; I’ve never seen one before. Thanks for the videos!

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