week in pictures

12WBT Super Saturday Session (SSS) calories burnt (run to the gym, Body Combat & Xtrainer with Neen Jackson and run home)
Saturday night dinner at Jared & Pete's place with Mich and Jay (read VERY raucous & VERY drunk)
Monday morning meeting room view
my buddy Jim has gone off on a 6 month sojourn with his girlfriend Gen; they are trekking Nepal/India for 3 months and will then see where the wind blows them...
post workout; Tuesday morning view from the gym
Tuesday arvo; the cloudy skies cleared in time for Harley to go swimming in the harbour
and he's tired
feels like the rain is permanently over Sydney
ooooh - my new magazine subscription (xmas pressie from Tam) arrived in the mail!
Wednesday lunch at my desk
Wednesday night dinner ingredients
Thursday morning flooding in Glebe (this water wasnt there 2 hrs earlier when we went to the gym)
arvo meeting...with Orks (L) & my manager Paul (R) with beers & homemade brownies from Orks' wife! (I had a diet coke!)
and Thursday 6pm...the skies clear and the sun is out!
5.30am Friday family run...
$10 sheer shirts from Kmart! Bargain!
Harley; clean & fluffy and fresh from the groomers!
glorious Super Saturday Session! Run to & from the gym, Body Combat & some backyard kettlebells!
the Well Co cafe in Leichhardt entertainment; Saturday night
It's a beautiful Sunday in Sydney for a morning run!
Jay bike rides & Melly runs
the "surprise" is that my husband is a big "Kinder"!

Happy Sunday!

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