rise & shine…consistency is key

This morning when my alarm woke me at 5.30am I just wanted to bury my head under the pillow, dig deeper into the blankets and go back to sleep. I’d been up several times during the night because Harley (the fluffy monster dog) was restless and needed to go outside. But I got up, woke Jay and together we set out into the cool, pre-dawn world.

What goes through your mind when you know you have to exercise but you don’t want to?

For me, it’s Michelle Bridges’ mantra “Just F*cking Do It” (or JFDI for those in the know)! It’s all about robot-mode which is not to dwell on all the reasons why I shouldn’t get up and go running; just to not think at all, put my gear on and get out that door. I actually visualise my day ahead, acknowledge how busy I will be and then think of getting home and having to go out to exercise…uuurgh! It gets me out of bed every time. I am not an evening exerciser. My body knows it, I know it, so for that very reason alone I just have to get it done in the morning.

This week Mish’s good friend & fellow fitness expert Amelia Burton is doing her Twitter challenge “Crack of Arse”; this means you train each morning between 5-7am, tweet her a picture with the hashtag #CrackOfArse and you’ll go in the running to win some sort of awesome prize. I love this because I’m up training anyway, so I may as well enter a comp to do so!!! Although Jay & I agree it should be called “Dawn’s Crack” which makes much more sense…

#CrackOfArse Monday Day 1 : early morning run
#CrackOfArse Tuesday Day 2 : Pump class
#CrackOfArse Wednesday Day 3 : early morning run with my impatient running buddy Harley

Just like Ms Bridges says, motivation is bullsh*t so you need to find something else that will keep you going when the motivation is missing…for me it’s remembering that consistency is key; it’s doing the work day in & day out that will heed results.

2 thoughts on “rise & shine…consistency is key

  1. What goes through my mind… I’ll miss out on spending time with my friends from the Five-O team, Seattle Grace hospital or Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Or whatever show it is I’m watching that week. It really works for me but I suspect that it might not work for other people in the same way.

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