monkey mya | restaurant review

Where: Monkey Mya, 346 Victoria St, Darlinghurst
Why: February Dinner Club with the Jacksons

Earlier in the month we walked past a rowdy and funky looking Monkey Mya which Jay immediately vowed to return for his Dinner Club pick later that month…


It’s 7 o’clock Tuesday night and parking is a bitch in Darlinghurst. After driving the labyrinth of one-way streets we finally park and grab a table at Monkey Mya which is best described as a Spanish Grillhouse (it’s a little confused with Spanish, Mexican & Cuban memorabilia on the walls).

It’s got a huge list of tequilas and beers, and the food menu is basically tex-mex.


We have a shot of El Jimador (house tequila) with a Sangrita Chaser (spicy tomato, lime & salt) and drink Coronas and Dos Equis.

Buffalo Wings with blue cheese dressing

Tuesdays to Thursday there are nightly specials; we’re fortunate that Tuesday night is All You Can Eat Buffalo Wings for $20. This is too tempting for Jay & Ian to pass up, so they get ordering.  Jay says the wings are OK but a little to “American” for his liking (ie, covered in messy sauce and so spicy you can’t taste anything for a hour afterwards!). The other downside is they’re fairly busy and there is, wait for it, one waiter. As in a single person taking orders and serving for an almost full restaurant. So although it’s all-you-can-eat that would indeed be the case if you could actually get service. Craaaazy.

Ribs & Corn

Neen orders the House Smoked Beef Ribs which she says are tasty and tender. The side of corn is has a smoky, slightly spicy dressing topped with coriander.

char chicken nachos

I order Chef Arno’s Famous Nachos which are house-made tortilla chips, served with grilled chicken & salsa and sour cream/guac. When I asked the waiter how big the serve was, he indicated small with his hands, this however was not so…the char-chicken is tender and smoky and flecked with jalapenos. Delicious but a little too enormous!

The Good: The location is central and trendy. The food is fairly priced. The tequila & beer selection is fantastic.
The Bad: The service was ordinary purely because they had one waiter on the floor and one bartender serving a full house. All-you-can-eat ended up being 2 small bowls of chicken wings (totaling 10 wings).
Overall: a fun casual place to eat with friends, 3 out of 5

One thought on “monkey mya | restaurant review

  1. Good review. I liked the place but I probably wouldn’t go back I don’t think. Limited menu and slow service. But it did all taste mighty yum 🙂 I’ll give them that!

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