green machine

{via} Last week we bought invested in a Vitamix. We’ve long been dreaming of this kitchen blender beauty; it takes blending to a whole new level and to blend we will! Green smoothies (aka kale shake) are an upper to a healthy fit lifestyle; its a fantastic way to kick off your day as your bodyContinue reading “green machine”

pump it up!

{via} A few things that I’m sure you know about Les Mills International: it’s a fitness company who pioneered classes like Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat, RPM, Body Balance… it’s a Kiwi brand hailing from Auckland NZ the classes are a fun way to exercise and burn calories A few things I bet youContinue reading “pump it up!”

cakes for harmony day

Last week, the 21st March, was Harmony Day; an initiative by the Australian Government to remind us of our multicultural society and the differences that define us is what joins us as Australians. We have over 40 different cultural backgrounds at my workplace, so to celebrate we held a morning tea, where people could bring in foodContinue reading “cakes for harmony day”

it’s a love story | clare & james

While I haven’t posted one for a while, last year saw Love Stories from The Dawes, The Jacksons and our story! I’m going to kick off the 2012 season with the story about James’ marriage proposal to his gorgeous Clare. James is a work buddy and a fellow Project Manager. When we’re not stealing eachContinue reading “it’s a love story | clare & james”

Phu Quoc | Vietnamese restaurant review

It’s kind of a joke around Sydney that unless you either live or work in Cabramatta, you don’t go to Cabramatta. You see, Cabramatta has a gang problem. You don’t hear too much about it in the news these days but the undercurrent is still there. When we arrive at 7pm the main street ofContinue reading “Phu Quoc | Vietnamese restaurant review”

well co & a french film | date night

Date night last week with hubby landed us in the Italian suburb of Leichhardt which has been taken over in March by the French for the Alliance Française Sydney French Film Festival. We ate at Well Co which is a cute little cafe/wine bar on Norton Street (we frequent the one on Glebe Point Rd) viaContinue reading “well co & a french film | date night”

12wbt | weeks 3-5 in review

Weeks 3, 4 & 5 were about exercising like a demon but struggling a little with controlling my food choices. To be honest, I’ve been finding my discipline around my eating a little difficult. I haven’t been diligently sticking to my 1200 calories a day quota, which means I haven’t seen huge improvements on theContinue reading “12wbt | weeks 3-5 in review”