leap yeah!

Today my little “big” cousin Jordan turns 5!!!

Actually, he is really turning 19 but because he was (un)fortunately born on the 29th February (the additional day we get on a leap year) he’s only having his 5th real birthday!

Happy birthday Jordy!

Jordan (L) and his Dad John (R)

4 thoughts on “leap yeah!

  1. Hey, where are there helmets? In California we have helmet laws these days. I remember not wearing them in the 80s and early 90s. Say, don’t you feel like a chump working on the 29th? –Having to work an extra day for nothing! (I’m on a salary.)

      1. Oh no, here in Oz you have to wear helmets, but that photo was taken over Christmas in the Cook Islands; you can basically get away with anything over there!

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