the true & disturbing past account of my abhorrent sibling behaviour

It’s terrible to admit, but I wasn’t exactly happy to have my brother Justin join the family when I was 3 years and 11 months old.

Since that time almost 30 years ago, we’ve had a true love/hate sibling relationship. 

These days we actually get along pretty well, which is probably due to the fact that he lives in another state (I’m in NSW and he’s in WA which is 5000+kms west) and that we talk on the phone once or twice a week and only physically see each other once a year.

the man in question | Juzzy in my backyard January 2012

I remember most of the major fights we’ve had (both verbal and physical), but one that I feel particularly guilty about is the time when he was about 6 months old (maybe? the memory of a 4 year old is open to debate) sitting in his stroller and I would quietly sneak up to him, pinch him and then wait for him to cry so that Mum/Dad would let me hold him. Terrible I know. Even as a child I could be a vindictive little brat!

Now I won’t go into the details of our numerous other fights over the years; I won’t account the time when he tried to stab me with my Dad’s ultra-sharp fish-filleting knife or how I reacted by putting his head through a window, or the time I accidentally-on-purpose ruined his CD player so he hit me over the head with a large bronze statue of an eagle which missed my head and sliced into my shoulder (causing me to miss an important swim meet that weekend), or how his ADD used to make him so obsessive-compulsive that he wouldn’t allow you to walk into his bedroom with clicking your tongue 3 times and if you touched anything he’d completely freak out!

Yes, you can get the picture of the type of siblings we were. Hideous to each other. My poor Mother…. Thank goodness we’re (generally) much better now.

Anyway, the reason for this whole confession is that I saw these Awkward Sibling Photos on the Essential Kids website that I thought were hilarious and had to share.


So are you guilty of inflicting sibling pain or is it just me???


  1. You two sound like such terrors!

    I dragged Leigh across the driveway by her hair once – I still feel terrible about it! But she stabbed my hand with a fork at the dinner table once so we’re kind of even.

    And when we were in Paris (in our 20s!!) we had a massive fight and were literally slapping each other and pulling each other’s hair. Mum just walked away shaking her head!

    I apparently also told her before my wedding that she had to grow her hair so I could have a pretty bridesmaid, not a funky one.

    Gosh I’m mean.

  2. At least you were only pinching him so that you could hold him. Willow used to dong Finley on the head with a metal spoon, just to make her cry. When she was about a month old. She also pinched her cheeks so hard that it drew blood, on many occasions and for no apparent reason other than jealousy. Oh I can’t wait for them to be teenagers (NOT).

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