celebrating ten years

Last night I was inducted into my work’s 10 year dinner club; a honorary “club” that acknowledges and celebrates length of service.

It was a great night; held at The Sebel on Manly beach (which happens to be hosting the Australian Surfing Competition at the moment) so it was vibrant and a buzz more than usual.

The Sebel on Manly Beach
The Sebel Hotel

Once you’re inducted you get to go to the special celebration dinner every year. The one held here in Sydney last night services both the NSW and ACT branches. There are other celebration nights held in Brisbane and Melbourne (servicing VIC & SA branches). It was great catching up with fellow “lifers”, just relaxing, eating nice food, drinking good wine and sharing stories with our partners.

Here are some pics of the night:

work colleague & mate Shookie & his girlfriend Raj
work colleagues Kevin & Robbie (who is a good buddy)
colleague Kevin & his wife
Jay & I
group shot
another group shot

This event is what Michelle Bridges calls a “red flag” day. Even though the new 12WBT program has been going a week I’ve had 2 red flag days and I’ve got a third red flag lunch today (Friday team pub lunch & lawn bowls). However, I kept on top of my calorie intake by minimising my alcohol (2 glasses only) and only eating half of each of the 3-course dishes.

Steak with mash and veggies
berry cheesecake with honeycomb for dessert

It was a wonderful night to celebrate being with a great company for 10 years. I love what I do (most of the time!) and we’re innovative and visionary which is quite a feat in a post-GFC world. We’re 11,000+ employees globally and are now owned by one of the largest Telcos in the world (NTT). It’s pretty exciting to be apart of it all!

4 thoughts on “celebrating ten years

  1. Congrats! I always get itchy feet, but have been at my current job the longest. I had to Google “long service leave.” Man! America has really fallen behind the rest of the entire first world.

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