sunday in pictures

the view from my bike....park in Annandale
brunch: pumpkin, walnut & smoked salmon salad
Sunday calories burnt
my hubby BAKED cookies!
vintage dress love & my little Harley
flash afternoon storm and the sky afterwards
Harley passed out next to Jay
Dinner: ingredients for Haystacks
watching J Edgar tonight. love Leo!
til later....peace out!


    1. we’ve had the crappiest summer (cool and rainy) so it was nice for a hot morning! still rained in the arvo though…hoping an Indian-summer will roll around sometime in the next few weeks! Do you get mild winters in SF?

      1. Arvo…I had to look that one up! We’ve only had about 3 days of rain this winter in the Bay Area (today being one of them). Very unusual and kind of spooky. If you want cold tho, visit San Fran in the summer! (They make a killing selling sweatshirts to tourists who think Northern California is like the Southern California of their Beverly Hills 90210 dreams.) I work about 45 minutes south of the city (in Silicon Valley) where it’s always about 10 degrees warmer. So there are lots of micro-climates. I live happily somewhere between the two.

  1. thats amusing! I thought everyone used ‘arvo’ as slang!

    The little I know about SF is from movies & TV shows (of course!) I have a soft spot for ‘Charmed’ which I used to watch with my Mum every week when I lived at home. When she comes to stay at my place we watch reruns together; their favourite cut-away shot is either of the Golden Gate bridge or that tall steeple building!

    My work has an office in Pleasanton east of SF I believe….

    I’ll swap our rainy weather for your dry spell 🙂

    1. That’s the Transamerica Pyramid. I think it’s still the tallest bldg in SF. I used to work across the street from it.

      Pleasanton is so far east that I don’t know if it’s technically in the East Bay; it’s beyond. I’ve never been there so I can’t personally vouch for it’s pleasantness. But I know it gets rather warm there. It has an old main street. And it’s always winning “Best Place To Live.”

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