what I’m currently…


  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; No one makes a movie quite like the British. This movie is good; story, cast, acting. It’s based on the series of novels by John le Carre. I found myself a little lost at times and had to get Jay to explain what was going on. Colin Firth is amazing as is the actor who I think looks like Andy Garcia (we call him “Andy Garcia adjacent” his name is Mark Strong). It has that painful 60’s feel (similar to Revolutionary Road)  and John Hurt is brilliant as always. 
  • Revenge; “what goes around comes around” is the tag line and there is a lot of Hamptons’ socialites drowning in a sea of revenge in this show. It stars Madeline Stowe and Emily VanCamp and although it is probably a similar formula to many other soap/dramas from over the years, I am really enjoying it! Created by Mike Kelley (The OC, Jericho, Providence). 
  • Midnight in Paris; I try and watch all the Oscar nominated movies before the Awards. I find Woody Allen to have a predictable formula even though his stories aren’t the same; the main character is male and you could imagine them to be some sort of projection of Allen’s own personality. That’s how I see Owen Wilson’s character in this film. Then there’s the love triangle/debacle that the main character somehow bumbles his way through (enter stunning beauties Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard). I did enjoy it though. Rachel McAdams plays a total bitch and Michael Sheen the dislikeable Brit and aggressor. Carla Brunei & Kathy Bates also star. In typical Woody Allen style, the movie never resolves it quirks which I often find frustrating as the audience. It is worth a watch though! 


  • Saltbush lamb, swiss brown mushrooms & kale that I bought from the Eveleigh Markets on the weekend. So fresh & delicious! 

    Saltbush lamb with brown rice, swiss mushrooms & kale
  • Lebanese bread with herbed goats cheese, poached chicken & baby spinach/rocket.

    Lebanese bread wrap with goats cheese, chicken & greens


  • my new little Lilly Pilly bush I planted in a pot at the front of my house. I am getting the hang of this gardening thing! 

    Lilly Pilly shrub
  • the two new ASOS skirts I purchased last week 
  • the new Facebook timeline. I don’t understand what the fuss over the changes are. If you want to protect your privacy, either get off FB or update your levels of security in the settings. People love to whinge don’t they?! Jebus. 
  • my fluffy monster – isn’t he just adorable

    Harley Houdini Williams
  • boxing with Neen. We just started back again & Friday’s session almost made me puke – which is a good indicator as to how hard I actually worked. I was so sore on Saturday!
  • this Ad by women’s gym Fernwood


  • State of Wonder by Ann Patchett 
What have you been up too?

4 thoughts on “what I’m currently…

  1. Did you download Revenge? I’ve seen the ads and am keen to see it!

    I recently watched the original versions of Millennium Trilogy (The Girl who…) and enjoyed them more than I thought. Well, I particularly enjoyed the first!


  2. Nice list, M. I’m totally hooked on Revenge; it’s my guilty pleasure. I loved Midnight in Paris (the comedy, Marion Cotillard, the Hemingway portrayal); I think I liked it more than you perhaps. And I like the Fernwood ad too, but for entirely different reasons. Here’s a short list of my own, since you asked: I just burned through Showtime’s Homeland, starring Claire Daines (Ben Lee’s ex-), which I recommend if you get that down under–I’m dying for season two. I made a mean eight-layer dip for the Super Bowl, which wasn’t so super since my home team (Niners) weren’t in it. And speaking of Oscar-nominated films, The Artists is brilliant! –Check it out!

    1. Nice list 🙂
      Hemingway is one of my fave authors & I did appreciate the portrayal!
      I also burned through Homeland, it started on TV here (what they call ‘fast tracked from the US) but I DL’d it (as with just about everything!), it was so good it changed my mind on Claire Danes who I never really liked since Romeo&Juliet.
      Your dip sounds interesting!!! & I havent yet seen The Artist but its on the to-do list!!!

      1. Claire Danes was awesome in My So-Called Life–did you ever see that show? It’s nice to see her back doing good things. The Artist will warm the cockles of your heart. It’s a “date night” movie for sure. Anyway, here’s my dip recipe from top to bottom:
        1. Vegetarian re-fried beans (canned), heat first, spread on plate, cool
        2. Homemade guacamole (artichoke, fresh lime juice, red wine vinegar, granulated garlic)
        3. Sour cream
        4. Freshly grated extra-sharp cheddar cheese
        5. Diced black olives (canned)
        6. Diced mild green chilies (canned)
        7. Diced tomatoes
        8. Fresh cilantro–let it be fairly leafy (don’t cut/tear it much) & be generous

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