superbowl sunday

Are you ready for some football?

Every year Jay takes off Monday & Tuesday for Superbowl (because of the time zone difference it’s shown live here in Australia on a Monday morning). It’s become a tradition with him and his mates (and thousands of other ex-Pats & Aussies alike). They head over to The Star Casino and watch the game & drink! Fun for some, but I just check the score especially since the team I like (Cowboys) haven’t been in the Superbowl since ’95 (& they currently have a crappy overrated QB) but I do like the Ads & half-time show.
Actually I prefer College games, but that’s getting off topic…

New York Giants
New England Patriots

Brady v Manning

I’m rooting for the Giants (go! little Manning go!). Check out these footy buys from Etsy.

the bqe



Sugar and Spark Parties


One day I’m going to at least be in the city that hosts the Superbowl (even if I don’t get tickets to the game). I want to do Superbowl Week and attend some Tailgate parties!!! So, here’s to the Giants pummeling the Patriots and to little Manning getting another ring!

Fee fi fo fum…

4 thoughts on “superbowl sunday

  1. Twitter’s been going off today with the Superbowl. Every time I check tweets that’s all that’s on my screen!

    PS. What is the puppybowl cos I keep seeing #puppybowl everywhere as well?

  2. Spent most of the time shoveling food and beer into my mouth than watching the game. (I had fresh cilantro on my eight-layer dip, so how could I resist it!) Since the San Francisco Forty Niners didn’t go all the way (I’m from the Bay Area), I was sort of rooting for the Patriots, as the QB grew up in San Mateo, California, which is spitting distance from me. Oh, well. And who would have thought Aussies would be watching the game. I thought–per childhood memories of The Paul Hogan Show–that y’all played rugby. All those pads and helmets are for steroid-popping sissies, right?

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