short & sweet | a confession

Last week I posted myself this challenge; to do 50kms this week. 

I failed.

Through sleep-ins & a couple of social commitments (read, lack of planning on my part) I didn’t reach 50kms – I only completed 30kms as follows;

Sunday 22nd January – 5kms walk
Monday 23rd January – 10kms run (5km in the morning, 5km at night)
Tuesday 24th January – nada
Wednesday 25th January – 5km run
Thursday 26th January – nada
Friday 27th January – 10kms run/walk  

In preparation for the start of the next round of 12WBT I’ve been slacking off just a little (ie: not exercising 6 days a week) and that needs to stop now.

I’m not going to re-attempt the 50kms this week, but I’m just going to commit to 6 day training schedule. I also need to get back into weights this week because I haven’t done Pump / free weights / kettle-bell for 2 weeks.

OK confession over.


  1. Don’t worry Melly, you might not have done the 50 but 30km in a week is still awesome!

    I’ll see you at Pump this week too, I need to get back into it as well. And we have boxing Friday.


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