the mission, if you choose to accept it, is…

My (/Our…who’s keeping score? Neen?! other 12WBT peeps?!) illustrious leader Mish Bridges…

Michelle Bridges

…set a challenge late last year via her Facebook page for the following:

Cathy S and a group of 12WBTers who have 30+kg to lose have set themselves a 100km challenge this week. Walk, run, ride, row, swim or crawl 100km for this week (19th-25th Dec 2011). That is AMAZING!!!! And I think most of them are doing well.

I’m going to set you a 50km challenge, so each day add up the distance you walked, ran, rode, swum, skated, crawled. Any self propelled mode of transport (no planes trains and automobiles DON’T count!).

Who’s in???
Feel free to post your updates in this thread. Goooood luck!

This is a challenge and I choose to accept it!!!

Next Friday 27th January, I’ll post my results & training plan.

Do you want to do it too? You could accept, post and link back to this post. It’ll be fun, come on!


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