It’s probably embarrassing to admit, but I often read those Q & A interviews with celebrities in magazines and then sit and imagine how I would answer them…

Here is one from the January 2012 edition of Australian Instyle Magazine. The questions were asked to the beautiful & talented Zoe Saldana but I’ve inserted my own answers….

Q) What’s the best style advise you’ve ever received?

A) I remember a primary school friend’s Mum telling me once that fashion is fickle but true style never goes out of favour. I was probably only 11 or 12 at the time, but I’ve always remembered that. Most likely because I thought my friend’s Mum was super stylish. I now know what looks good on me and what stores do quality clothes that transcends seasons. I like buying a few good quality items and then stocking up on cheaper pieces throughout each season. I don’t like to think of my bank balance once I hit my goal weight!

Q) What’s something you hated but now love?

A) The colour pink. I used to hate pink so much, it made me want to gag. Now I love it! I love hot pink nail polish, peach suits my skin so I wear a lot of it and I also love the pink tones of salmon, magenta and fuchsia. Pink in fashion is where it stops though (no luggage or decor!).

Q) What one item should every woman have in her wardrobe?

A) It’s a cliche but a classic little black dress. Its so versatile and should be a staple in a girls closet!

Q) Who are your style icons?

A) Karla Deras; this fashion blogger from LA is très chic, she has real style and comes up with the coolest ensembles. I’d seriously like to raid her closet!

Christine Centenera; one word sums up the super stylish Australian Harper’s Bazaar fashion editor – WOW!

Q) What is your fantasy purchase?

A) a big airy terrace house with a deck & a grassy back yard in Glebe! I’m working on it becoming a reality.

Q) What’s your guilty pleasure?

A) doing my nails & watching the latest episodes of my fave TV shows. I have the television preferences of a 17 year old girl (eg Gossip Girl, Secret Circle, Supernatural etc) which my hubby thinks is ridiculous so I have to watch them when he’s not home or he’s otherwise engaged!


Q) Gadget?

A) My Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1  I adore it!

Q) Hostess gift?

A) a bottle of wine or a beautiful candle

Q) Secret cheapie?

A) cotton/lycra singlets from Cotton On. I wear them working out, to bed or layered with Tshirts or shirts. They’re $10 and they have so many colours!

Q) Comfort food?

A) pasta with chorizo, tomato, lemon & garlic. It’s quick and simple and just to die for!

Q) Indulgence?

A) 1.5 hour long massages from Nature’s Energy in Glebe. Heaven.

Now there you have it, my fun & frivolous fashion tell-all 😉