this week i….

  • worked-out. a lot.
    working out with my new shoes!!!

  • read 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (not finished yet!)
  • went riding on our bikes
  • bought quirky random stuff from a quirky random shop

    "Dub Dub" (see Night At The Museum) ice moulds
  • ate out

  • played frisbee with Jay & my bro in the park 
  • saw a movie 
  • farewelled my brother at the airport
  • cooked

    chicken, haloumi, lemon & chilli pasta
  • hung out with Harley 
  • watched DVDs 
  • made iPod playlists
  • had a little dinner party in the backyard with Gracie & Jay 
  • bought stuff I didn’t need at Ikea

    new Mjod drinking glasses
  • drank copious amounts of champers with my BFF

    Gracie (R) & moi
  • afternoon tea with my Mummy 
  • controlled myself with only one purchase in Glee books 

    Utu by Caryl Ferey
  • cocktails for date night with Jay 
  • played angry birds 
And I still have another week off work!!! Yay!