12wbt group workout

To mark the close of the Michelle Bridges 2011 12WBT (12 Week Body Transformation), our illustrious leader held a mammoth training session in Centennial Park on the 10th December.

It was free for all the members and we even got to take along a friend/supporter/partner-in-crime!

Before the workout began there were stalls and fitness demos from Mish’s sponsors (like Triumph, Nature’s Way and Polar) that you could visit for product samples.

Then the workout began…

the stalls
Jay relaxing before the workout!
let's get ready!!!
12wbt trainers L-R: Jacqs, Steve, Mish, Gabi, Chris

That’s Michelle in the middle!!!

‘JFDI’ is Michelle’s mantra. It means ‘Just F-ing Do It‘!!!

Mich & some workout fans
the workout
1200+ people working out!
the workout
everybody workout! freestyle!
the main stage
waiting for a photo after the workout
we're sweaty! Jay & I after the workout
my workout calories & my JFDI wristband

The workout was amazing. It was a combination of Body Attack moves with running between the main stage and the 5 other satellite stages where we would do interval training before running to the next stage. It was 1 hour of intensity & fun! Michelle is insanely inspirational as well as being humble and down-to-earth. She has changed so many people’s lives (and helped drop over 100,000kgs through her 12WBT program) and I am just so grateful to be one of them!

The only negative was the waste…in the form of bottled water, which were thoughtfully (& gratefully considering the 28°C day) provided for free, but were nevertheless a huge contribution to landfill on the day. Hopefully next year there will be mobile water stations.

one wheelie bin filled with discarded bottled water
and the number of wheelie bins filled with discarded water bottles

But that’s a small criticism hidden within a huge thank-you to Mich and her amazing team for this kick arse workout! I’ve already re-signed for Round 1 2012 which starts pre-season on January 16.

Can’t wait!!!


Picture credits: some (pics 4-10) borrowed from Michelle & Jacqs Facebook uploads.

One thought on “12wbt group workout

  1. Congratulations on an amazing past few months!

    You seemed so excited to see Michelle Bridges in real life. After all the food I’ve eaten over the past few days, I may have to look into this 12WBT thing myself….

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