what do you call a crate of ducks?

Answer: a box of quackers!

Mwahaha! Now, that is my type of joke!

It came in the Christmas cracker that Neen & Ian gave us for Christmas.
Soooo funny!

Today is Christmas and while my onions are caramelizing on the stove for my caramelized onion & goats feta tartlettes I thought I’d post again with the day’s festivities so far…

My loot…

the hamper from the Jacksons

Includes the Michelle Bridges Calorie Counter book, some limited edition moisturizers from Kiehls, beeswax candles, a Babushka doll set, some cookies, detox tea, bath salts and my fave cartoon of all time Cyanide & Happiness.

Cyanide & Happiness
my new Nike workout singlet from Jay

Isn’t my new workout singlet pretty!!!! It’s so bright & summery that I had to take it for a spin….Jay, Harley & I went and did a 3km run before breakfast.

Narciso Rodriguez Black Perfume Set from Jay
Nike workout gloves from Jay

Can’t wait to try out my new workout gloves in Body Pump class! I’ve been increasing my weights and it hurts my hands now and gives me blisters, so these will help!

Harley's pressie from the Jacksons

Harley wasn’t incredibly impressed with the treats but he loved the wrapping paper which he attempted to shred! Check out this video clip of him and his Christmas treats…

Now we’re off to Jay’s big extended family dinner. I’ve made potato salad, turkey breast roast with cranberry sauce, caramelized onion & goats feta tartlets and pavlova with berries, kiwi, passionfruit and peach liqueur whipped cream!

3 thoughts on “what do you call a crate of ducks?

  1. Merry Christmas Mr & Mrs Williams. Hope you had fun with Rosie and crew. Love your new running top Melly – you look like a skinny malinky 🙂

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