goodness gracious me

I partied way too much in my early 20’s which has now lead me to hold a certain aversion to mammoth nights out on the turps.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a regular lover of a nice fat glass (or two) of red wine over dinner, the Sunday arvo beer and the occasional indulgence at friends’ birthdays, but partying into the early hours of the morning is so circa ’97-’03.

However, every year in December my inner demon comes out and I really let fly. As in two to three weeks of grotesque drinking. The kind of drinking that makes Jim Morrison look like a teetotaler and would put Mötley Crüe to shame!

I’d like to admit to all the copious occasions of alcohol induced fun I’ve had in the past 2 weeks… It’s not called the silly season for nothing!

  • Friday drinks after work just because
  • my work Christmas party (read about that here)
  • mid-week dinner club where I managed to drink more than a bottle of wine solo [can anyone say “stumble”!]
  • Mich’s birthday house-party

A party on Saturday night at a friends birthday was one such occasion.
But I’d go as far as to say it was my most favourite party of the year!

Bianca (aka "B"), Melly & James
Melly (posing for the camera of course!)
DJ JimSmiff mixing beatz
da Williams - Melly & Jay
James & B*

*a note: James is Jay’s best mate and B is my good friend (they aren’t together!)

the lovely B & Gen*

* Genevieve is my friend James’ (aka Jim aka DJ Jim Smiff) girlfriend. She & I are now friends and I think she is divine!

B, Mich (the birthday girl)* & me

*Mich is the gorgeous birthday girl 42 years young! She’s been in Oz 5 years now & she’s just as you’d expect a girl from Austin Texas to be; gregarious, confident & charming. I luuuuurve her!

Brenton & Jay
Melly & B

above: me & my mates…

Kerry* (aka "KK") & Amanda

*KK is Mich’s flat mate & graciously let us trash party in their apartment!

Geoff & Jen*

*new parent’s Geoff (ex-pat from North Carolina although we’ve adopted him as our own) & his girlfriend Jen came out for a big night together

Jared & Pete*

*Jared is one of my customer’s on my current project. He’s one of the most stylish men I know. I think he’s awesome! Pete is his equally awesome boyfriend.

Fritz & Michelle
The blur of Awesomeness! (Jim & Gen)
Melly & Jared
me, B & Gen
Adam* & Andrea

*Andrea bought her friend Adam to the party. I brought cheezels to Adam. Adam has cheezel fingers. The girls ate the cheezel fingers from Adam. Everybody is happy. Most of all Adam.

the bromance: Geoff & Jay

2am came & went…and just like good little vampires we returned home before the sunrise.

Moral of the story: I don’t recover as well as I used too!