12WBT | week 11 in review

Week 11 was mostly spent at the gym. The Sydney weather didn’t get the memo that we’re a week out from Summer and it rained the whole week. As in torrential, heavy sideways splatter that made me wonder if I might need an Ark for outdoor transportation.

However, I did manage to get outside for a run once, on Monday with Harley (Jay is still getting over his achilles injury).

My inspiration for the week is the Women of Crossfit. I’ve been watching the Reebok 2011 Crossfit Games on ESPN and the women are ah-mazing!



Brekkie: yoghurt, berries, mango & oats
Dinner: Pad See Ew Beef

I just found out how many calories are in Pad Thai, so I’m thinking that Pad See Ew Beef isn’t going to be much different. I’ll steer clear of this dish when I’m dining out on Thai food next time…


I take advantage of the brief intermission from the rain and head out with Harley for a 4.7km outdoor walk/run.



Brekkie: egg white omlette, beans & tomato
Dinner: chargrilled beef with corn & avocado salsa

Tuesday is Accelerator day – no simple carbs!

Dinner is one of my most favourite recipes from the 12WBT cookbook; 110g chargrilled beef fillet with corn, avocado, roast capsicum, fresh coriander & baby spinach.


Tuesday morning Body Pump class at the gym.

Tuesday calorie expenditure



sweet treat: white chocolate mousse
Dinner: bunless chicken burger

The sweet treat is at a cafe with the girls from work. It’s a little naughty but deliciously decadent white chocolate mousse.

The bunless chicken burger is made from a base ‘bun’ of a large grilled field mushroom, topped with lean chicken mince pattie, low-fat Jarlsberg cheese slice, tomato, gherkin, lettuce & a dash of sweet chilli sauce. Yum!


Cardio at the gym; 20 mins high intensity on the X-Trainer, 20 mins on the Treadmill interval running and then finish with a speedy circuit round of upper body weights and core work. 618 calories expended.



Brekkie: egg, smoked salmon & spinach
Seafood Chowder soup for lunch

Let’s make it clear that it’s almost summer and I’m eating soup for lunch. It’s raining and cold and soup weather. Not happy Jan.


Early morning Body Pump class. 267 calories expended.



Brekkie: wholegrain toast with cottage cheese & tomato

After work I head out for a couple of brews with my mates and drink way too much for an impromptu evening at the pub. I manage to order some good snacks and eat lamb & chicken skewers while everyone else eats potato wedges with sour cream. 


I do an hour of hard-core cardio at the gym including Xtrainer and treadmill and smash out 591 calories.



Salad: rocket & parmesan
Rocket & Proscuitto pizza
Dogajolo Toscano 2009 wine

Mum & Col come to stay and we go out to celebrate her upcoming birthday at the best pizza in Sydney; Rosso Pomodoro in Balmain. We thoroughly enjoy ourselves! 


It’s the first Saturday that I don’t complete my SSS 1000 calorie burn. I just don’t have time and to be honest, I’m a little hungover. I only do a 1km run and a 1km brisk walk. 387 cals expended.



Dinner: BBQ chicken breast, bread roll, coleslaw & salad


rest day!

week 11 workout summary

Total Time Exercising: 6 hrs 4 mins
Total Calories Burnt Exercising: 2585
Total Weight Loss: 0.8kg 

One more week to go for the program!