one too many festive spirits

Last night was my work Christmas party at Cargo Bar.

My work Christmas party is always my night once a year to let loose and get completely shitfaced! I didn’t disappoint myself…I drank way too many champers, danced to our work band, yelled a lot (so that I have a sore throat and voice today), stayed until we got kicked out & arrived home about 2am. It was a fun night, but let me tell you, I was hating myself today!

Here is some photographic evidence of my night (taken on my phone).

L-R: me, Jay & Mands
Bianca & Frank
L-R: me, Ben & Mands
Robbie & I
Bianca & I
Clockwise L-R: me, Ben, Mands, Luca & Marie
me & Mands
Lance ripping it up!
Marie & Dan
the DD band (feat. my friend Mich on the right)
Aman & Kevin

and it’s only the start of the festive season…


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