Guylian Cafe

Just so you don’t think I’ve gone totally hardcore with the health & fitness, this post it to remind you (& myself!) that I’m still a girl that loves a sweet treat!

Guylian make beautiful chocolates, most commonly in the shape of seashells, but at their cafe in The Rocks they make so much more.

Their display case (above) is a decadent array of chocoholic’s heaven; chocolate cake, raspberry and chocolate cheesecake, brownies, eclairs, tiramisu, macarons, tortes and more!

I went with some work colleagues for Amy’s farewell; she’s off on maternity leave for her second baby and Jeff chose the Guylian cafe for it’s morning tea and girlyness. It’s only 5 minutes walk from our office so we rushed there huddling under umbrellas in the rain that has torrentially set in over Sydney.

As always, excuse the photos – they are from my phone & it was hard getting everyone to delay tucking in so I could take a quick pic!

Amy's baby belly!
Bianca's soy hot chocolate (and Jeff & my macarons)
Con & Mands' coffees
Amy's hot chocolate
my Peppermint Tea
Bianca's Coffee Eclair
Con, Mands & Amy each had a Vanilla Slice
Jeff & I had a macaron each (pistachio for Jeff, raspberry & vanilla for me)

Although the service is pretty average, it’s a good cafe to drop in to for a treat.

Checkout their menu for other savory choices.

Guylian Cafe
91 George St, The Rocks (Sydney) NSW 2000

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