Ad Lib Bistro | restaurant review

picture credit: The Sydney Tarts Ad Lib Bistro has been on my restaurant “to do” list for ages. It opened a couple of years ago on a controversial site in Pymble (the former Tables restaurant which closed after a man died of food poisoning). The resume is formidable; it’s been on Australian Gourmet Traveller’s top 100 restaurantsContinue reading “Ad Lib Bistro | restaurant review”

12wbt group workout

To mark the close of the Michelle Bridges 2011 12WBT (12 Week Body Transformation), our illustrious leader held a mammoth training session in Centennial Park on the 10th December. It was free for all the members and we even got to take along a friend/supporter/partner-in-crime! Before the workout began there were stalls and fitness demosContinue reading “12wbt group workout”

Emon | restaurant review

For Janine’s dinner club in November we went for Japanese in Surry Hills at Emon. picture credit: here It’s a small but cute little Japanese diner on busy Cleveland Street. The food is authentic and arrives at the table really quickly. The little Japanese waitress is so friendly and is full of recommendations. Janine &Continue reading “Emon | restaurant review”

the best of times, the worst of times

Each year Christmas for me is a mix of emotions. Growing up my Christmases were hit & miss depending on the state of my father. My Mum would always remain cheerful to make Christmas Day the best she could but it usually ended up with alcohol-fueled family drama ending in tears. Although I am nowContinue reading “the best of times, the worst of times”

what do you call a crate of ducks?

Answer: a box of quackers! Mwahaha! Now, that is my type of joke! It came in the Christmas cracker that Neen & Ian gave us for Christmas. Soooo funny! Today is Christmas and while my onions are caramelizing on the stove for my caramelized onion & goats feta tartlettes I thought I’d post again with theContinue reading “what do you call a crate of ducks?”