Mummy, santa-fest & good food

This weekend my Mum & stepdad came to stay. Its Mums birthday next weekend but she’ll be spending it elsewhere so we had a nice premature celebration together in Sydney.

Here are my favourite highlights from the weekend;

· Friday afternoon drinks at a seeminly dodgy pub in Circular Quay that turned out not so bad
· Friday flowers  · Afternoon birthday cake with Mum, Col & Jay  · Amazing pizza for dinner at Rosso Pomodoro

Col & Mum
Jay & Melly
mmmmm, pizza

· Santa-fest at Darling Harbour

giant Santa!
city lights
giant neon tree (brightest in the southern hemisphere)
water fountain
Darling Quarter restaurants

· Ceasefire from the rain and sunshine!!!!
· Backyard BBQ 

steaks on the barbie
sausages on the barbie (the little ones are for Harley)
corn & asparagus
Sunday dinner


  1. It’s so cute that you BBQ sausages for Harley!

    All the food looks amazing. I need another visit to Rosso Pomodoro! That cake looks divine too.

    That photo of you and Jay is cute, but it kind of looks like he is about to punch you in the face!

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