thanksgiving | 11 things Im thankful for

My BFF Gracie lived in the States on a couple of occasions over the past 20 years and her favourite American holiday is Thanksgiving. She’s tried to implement a Thanksgiving here at home, much to my lamented cries of “We’re not American, we shouldn’t celebrate their holidays!”

This year in the lead up to Thanksgiving, my friend Neen wrote this post earlier this week on things she’s thankful for. She challenged others to write their own list of things we’re thankful for.

I won’t be going so far as cooking turkey and pumpkin pie (although I’d appreciate any good pumpkin pie recipes because I adore it) but I do appreciate the sentiment and would like to share my (current) list of things I’m thankful for:

  • I’m thankful for…my husband’s ability to pull me out of a bad mood. he makes me giddy and silly and light. I am thankful for him.
  • I’m thankful for…massages. I had one from the sports physio on Tuesday night and it was fan-frickin-tastic! My shin splints, tight hipflexors/hamstrings/calves are all so much better. I’m thankful for Elen’s strong hands!
  • I’m thankful for…coffee. I only have one a day. It has to be made by a barista. It has to be good, and when it is I’m in heaven. I’m thankful for Kaldi, the 9th-century Ethiopian goat-herder who discovered coffee.
  • I’m thankful for…my morning walks/runs. I live on one of the worlds most beautiful city harbours and this is what I get to see before I go to the office in the morning

    morning walks around Blackwattle Bay / Glebe Harbour
  • I’m thankful for…wireless and the interweb. what would I spend hour upon hours doing without you? how would I survive if I was limited by cables? I love that my hubby & I both work in ICT and that we have gadgets that make life easier and that our home has techno-gadgets like VoIP. super cool. I think I’m a closet geek.
  • I’m thankful for…Gracie who calls me every Wednesday to sing me “what’s your weigh-in, tell me what’s your weigh-in” in the tune of ‘What’s Your Flava’ by Craig David. She’s my very own Cheerio!
  • I’m thankful for…Harley. Although he sometimes drives me crazy, in my opinion he is the most beautiful, charming & intelligent doggy in the world. My day is instantly better with one lick! 
  • I’m thankful for…my baby bro Juzzy who texts me to tell me about the weather on the other side of the country, doesn’t know how to use a computer, is more of a clean freak than me, hasn’t changed his Facebook status for 2 years and sent me a lovely card & gift voucher a month after my birthday. I’m thankful that we get along so well when he lives 5000-kms away!
  • I’m thankful for…Macarons. I am thankful that they are a perfect little morsel of pure delectable sweetness that is only 87 calories! 
  • I’m thankful for…the steak sandwich from Mano cafe in Glebe. It’s a small piece of scotch fillet, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato & BBQ-sauce on toasted sourdough. It’s simple and delicious and comes with friendly service.
  • I’m thankful for…Lizzie. She’s coming to stay this weekend so we can celebrate her birthday. I love her and I’m thankful for my beautiful Mum.
  • I’m thankful for…trust. Between friends and family, trust is a special thing. The bonds of trust can take years to repair if they are broken and many people these days are not very trusting. So it’s a nice surprise when someone trusts you with important things; I recently met a new neighbour (just graduated from uni, moved in with flatmates a few doors up and about to start her residency at RPA Hospital) who also has a new puppy named Phoenix. Dr Sophie (as I like to call her in my head) met me once, spoke over email and text a few times and then gave me a key to her house so I could get her dog to play with Harley. It’s a nice (& slightly strange) feeling to know that someone who I just met would trust me enough to give me a key to their house. I’m thankful for the trust of strangers.
  • I’m thankful for…Michelle Bridges. The women of steel is an inspiration and a life saver. Literally. She helps thousands of people overcome their over-eating and weight battles and I am (slowly becoming) one of them. Through Biggest Loser and 12WBT she is changing lives (combines 200,000-kgs lost last year!) She is non-nonsense, call it as it is, very real and relate-able. Plus her body is rockin’. And the girl got style!

    Mish Bridges

So whatever you’re thankful for or feeling right at this moment, I hope you can be grateful that that you’re still breathing and that the sun still rises.

2 thoughts on “thanksgiving | 11 things Im thankful for

  1. Lovely post Melly… I’m doing a ‘thankful’ blog post as well. That time of the year of course… despite the lack of Thanksgiving celebrations here in Oz.

    I love your list.

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